Meet the Cowabunga Surf & Watersports Camp Team

Camp Leadership

Brett Jenkins (“EAGLE”)

Camp Director

Co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with parents Melissa & Tom, Brett has been associated with Cowabunga for over nine years, managing the boards, providing expert lessons, and efficiently running summer camp.

Melissa Jenkins (“MOMMA J”)

Camp Administrator

Momma J (aka Melissa Jenkins), co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with son Brett and husband Tom, has lived in South Florida within one mile of the Atlantic beaches all of her life. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, she has resided in Stuart with Tom and sons Brett, Skyler, & Connor since 1987 and now is blessed with an adored daughter-in-law, Connor’s wife, Lyndi.

Melissa’s background for over 30 years was in marketing, promotion and public relations, working in her own business and as a freelancer for local marketing firms. In December, 2012, she and her family purchased Cowabunga Surf and Sport, embarking on a new and exciting adventure! She claims the greatest benefit of owning the shop, besides working with her treasured family, are the many wonderful visitors, families, and conversations enjoyed over the past years. “We are privileged to call so many of our customers friends!”, she claims.

Some of Momma J’s favorite things are spending time outside, hanging with her family, meeting new people, Bible Study Fellowship, finding unusual additions for her tropical garden, and creating new and different recipes. Her favorite foods? Mediterranean!



Frodo moved to the Treasure Coast nearly five years ago from Woodbridge, Virginia just outside Washington DC and has one older and one younger sister, with whom he is very close.  This area holds many treasured memories for him and is very dear to his heart, as his father and grandparents are from Jensen Beach and this was his childhood vacation destination.

Attending school in Virginia, history was always Frodo’s favorite subject.  He believes that it is important to study so that the lessons and experiences learned from it are not lost.  His school sports included football and wrestling.  He has logged many hours of babysitting for family, friends, and church and has served as a swimming pool lifeguard as well. 


This summer, Frodo looks forward to creating a fun learning experience for campers and to pass on the gift of surfing, his favorite water sport, which he learned at age 14 from The Eagle.  He claims the experience is beyond words!  He considers his profession as a surf instructor, both within and without camp, an extremely fulfilling blessing as he helps others experience the joys of the sport.  He finds the ocean to be very therapeutic and claims that being in the water on a surfboard helps him forget the troubles and stresses of the day.  In the future, he would like to travel to new surf spots in search of new surfing experiences.

Frodo also enjoys most other board sports such as skating and snowboarding, stating that once you get the hang of them and relax, they are extremely enjoyable and very freeing.  This year, he was blessed to join in on a trip to Colorado with family and friends and is so thankful for it.  The experience was his first time snowboarding, which now is top on his list of the best land sports!

In his spare time, Frodo likes to play the guitar, sing, write songs, and draw, using his designs to create custom t-shirts. He also enjoys being with friends and eating great food (his favorite being pizza) and has visited some pretty great pizzerias in the past!  However, his go-to restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory where, he exclaims, the fried mac and cheese is unbeatable!

During the quarantine, the most important lesson he learned and would like to share is that it isn’t about where you are that creates happiness, but rather, its the people you choose to spend time with.

Meet the 2021 Cowabunga Surf

& Watersports Camp Team!

Returning Counselors


Born and raised in Stuart, Florida with two older brothers and one older sister, Anemone attends Jensen Beach High School where she will be a Senior in the Fall.  She enjoys the challenge of Chemistry, learning about the elements, and doing all the different experiments it entails.  After graduation, she hopes to attend the University of Florida and study abroad while pursing a career in nursing or business.  She claims she has an unusually good memory, able to remember specific details from years ago, a gift that certainly will help her in her future studies!

Anemone’s best vacation was with her family visiting many locations in Spain.  She was fascinated by the country’s culture, cuisine, and history and found the Mediterranean Sea stunning.  She loves everything about the ocean and heads for the beach and open waters whenever possible, favoring the activities of boogie boarding, paddle boarding, a sport she has enjoyed since age 10, and her favorite, snorkeling.  She particularly loves the ocean for its inconsistencies —how it is ever-changing.

Volleyball has also been a favorite sport of Anemone’s for many years as well as running.  In quieter times, Anemone likes to relax with a good book.   She has one dog, a Blue Tick Coon Hound named Gracie who she enjoys taking to the dog park to play with “doggie friends” followed by a trip to Starbucks for a Puppuccino!

Having volunteered at Jensen Beach Community Church summer camps and being an active babysitter, Anemone enjoys helping and playing with children.  She is looking forward to this summer at Cowabunga Camp, sharing her love for the outdoors and beach fun with campers and ensuring that every day is a great — but safe — day for them.

Anemone’s favorite restaurant is Lola’s where, she says, the shrimp tacos are amazing …. but she is always “up” for anything seafood!  During the quarantine, she spent time in her own kitchen, learning to cook new and interesting meals and discovered a love for reading books as well.

2nd Year Counselor


Born in Fort Pierce the youngest of four and now living with his family in a small town outside of Orlando, Boomer returns to join the Cowabunga team, summering with an older brother who is a Martin County resident.  A rising Sophomore with his goals set on law school, his favorite subject is Science because, he says, he is good at it!  Generally, he enjoys just being outdoors, but his favorite sports are football and surfing.  In fact, his favorite thing about the ocean is the waves.  He has a dog named Snapper who often joins him on the beach for a run.

Boomer’s first experience with Cowabunga was at age five when he spent nearly every week of the summer as a camper for many, many years.  Now, as a second-year counselor, he wants to share the wonderful experiences and the fun he had on the beach with this year’s campers.

Boomer’s most memorable trip was to Costa Rica with his family this past Fall.  He visited the beautiful beaches of the country and was especially excited to surf in Jaco, where he also had a blast 4-wheeling through the jungle!

On a night out, Boomer heads for Benihana to order his favorite fried rice, although anything “chicken” is a favorite meal as well.  He claims the best thing about the quarantine was the time he was able to spend with his older brothers as they built a dock together on the family’s pond and just hung out.  His claim to fame is that he is “Uncle Boomer” to one of his brother’s children and has been since age 7!

2nd Year Counselor


Crash was born in Boca Raton but soon moved to Costa Rica where she lived for five years before moving to Las Vegas and then to the Treasure Coast where she has resided for about 13 years.  An only child, she now attends St. Andrews Episcopal Academy where she will be a Senior in the Fall.  She most enjoys studying Marine Science, exploring new and exciting marine organisms and creatures.  After graduation, she plans to work for a year before attending trade school to study underwater welding.

An avid soccer player, Crash has been active in the sport for many years and is now starting goal keeper for the Jensen Beach Soccer Club.  She also participates in barrel racing, softball, and volleyball, and is a certified scuba diver.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, going on adventurous road trips, and listening to music.  She is intrigued by “the unknowns” of the ocean and the impact the moon has on its tides.

Crash adores working with kids.  A 5-year Cowabunga camper herself, she looks forward to sharing her love for the beach, the ocean, and the fun of surfing, a sport she learned from her dad in Jaco, Costa Rica when she was 3. A third-year counselor, she again looks forward to helping each and every camper feel like a rockstar and to seeing the kids’ faces light up when they catch their first wave on their own.  In the past, she worked for several years as a counselor at Felix Williams Elementary, which is where her love of helping and relating to children was developed.

Crash always appreciates a return to her original home of Costa Rica, visiting family still living there.  Her travels are packed with surfing, interacting with wildlife and, most of all,  enjoying the amazing food!  Here, her most favorite restaurant by far is Dale’s BBQ where the food is great, the prices are cheap, the service is great, and the atmosphere is amazing.  For a snack, chocolate or candy is her first choice.

During the Quarantine, Crash learned some important medical tips and tricks, a “benefit” of many injuries sustained from an active, sport-centered lifestyle!

3rd Year Counselor


Dunkin’ was born in Boynton Beach but moved to the Treasure Coast at a very young age.  She has two older siblings with whom she is very close although they are all four years apart.  She attends Florida Gulf Coast University where she will be a Sophomore in the Fall, majoring in Psychology. The move to college during the quarantine helped her to become more independent and to adjust to new environments in different ways.  Her educational goal is to attain a Masters degree in school counseling, eventually working with children in the school system.  In the past, she was able to shadow her aunt who is a guidance counselor at Anderson Middle School, no doubt influencing her future goal.

 A four-year member of her high school tennis team, Dunkin’ now plays for enjoyment, especially with her family.  Beach volleyball is another favorite, as well as a new interest: spike ball!  In the water, Dunkin’ most likes wake boarding and surfing, a sport taught to her by her uncle at age 10.  He is an excellent surfer and to this day, she loves to ride the waves with him, still learning from his expertise.  Her favorite thing about the ocean is how calming it can be but also likes the camaraderie of surfing and the opportunity to meet new people out in the water.

 Dunkin’ has volunteered at many Vacation Bible School camps in a variety of area churches, loving the opportunity of serving and getting to know all the children attending.  She also has lots of experience as a much-sought-after babysitter.  This summer, she returns to the Cowabunga team with the goal of helping each and every camper have a blast every day of camp.  She loves seeing kids have fun on the beach and how they learn and become excited about the sport of surfing throughout the week.

 Dunkin’s most memorable vacation was to Colorado with her own family as they visited her extended family.  It was Dunkin’s first time in heavy snow, and her first time skiing.  She was thrilled by the challenge of the sport and awed by the beauty of the snowy mountains but the opportunity to visit family made it extra special.

 A taco and sushi enthusiast, Dunkin’s go-to restaurant is U-Tiki where she enjoys the beautiful waterfront location, the outdoor atmosphere, and the amazing sushi.  In her spare time, she heads for the beach (most times to surf), curls up with her brother’s cat, Obi, to watch a movie, or seeks new adventures with friends.  Perhaps one of the most thrilling adventures was her swim with Tiger and Great White sharks in Tampa — on purpose!


2nd Year Counselor


Born and raised in Palm City, Florida, the middle sibling between two brothers, Ka-Chow is a Martin County High School student soon to be a senior, who most enjoys her medical classes.  After graduation, she plans to attend the University of Florida with the goal of becoming a chiropractor in the future.

Ka-Chow loves to be outside playing a variety of sports and is a member of the MCHS dive, soccer, and lacrosse (her favorite) teams.  In her spare time, she enjoys being with family and friends, especially out on the family boat for a day of fishing.  She most likes wakeboarding but often paddle boards, a sport she began at age 6.  Her favorite thing about the ocean is the variety and the intricacies of its marine life.

Ka-Chow finds working with children extremely enjoyable.  She has volunteered at Vacation Bible School camps, and has traveled on life-changing mission trips to New Mexico and Ecuador.  As a team member, she worked alongside children on construction projects and trained them in sports as they played team games.  Her goals for this summer are to ensure that every camper is safe and having the time of their life at camp!

Her family’s annual trip to the Florida Keys during Lobster Mini Season is Ka-Chow’s most favored vacation.  Each season, they usually collect over 150 lobsters and then relax all together for the rest of the day.  She loves being in her most favored element, the salty ocean, being on the boat diving for lobster, and enjoying the time with many family members.

Ka-Chow’s favorite restaurant is Utiki where she visits for the sushi and Doritos top her list of snacks.  Her biggest take-away from the quarantine was that she learned to appreciate the little things in life.

2nd Year Counselor


Lei-Lei was born just outside of Chicago and lived there for four years before moving to the Treasure Coast.  A triplet, she has one brother and one sister who are younger that she, but only by a few minutes!  Her dog, Finn, is a Pekinese/King Charles mix with whom she plays fetch, teaches new tricks, and runs in her backyard.

A rising Junior at Martin County High School, Lei-Lei is in the MCHS marching band and is a member of the Cross Country team as well as the Track and Field team where she runs and throws the javelin.  Her favorite subject is culinary arts because they not only get to cook but also eat delicious food.  After graduation, she plans to attend college to become an elementary school teacher.

Lei-Lei has many hobbies including skateboarding, rollerblading, baking, crafting, and learning to play new instruments, which include the alto saxophone, piano, ukulele, clarinet, trumpet, and baritone!  She also does a lot of babysitting and has volunteered at Give Kids the World in Orlando and at Top Soccer for kids with special needs because she enjoys helping people of all ages, especially children.

Lei-Lei prefers to be outdoors every day and has been rock climbing in South Dakota, hiked the Smoky Mountains, and even swam with full-sized and baby manatees in Florida’s Crystal River.  She especially loves the ocean, though, and enjoys snorkeling to see all the wonderful sea life below the surface.  She also kayaks, paddle boards, and surfs, a sport learned and honed during her three years as a Cowabunga camper.  During the quarantine, she realized how much she loves the beach and was able to buy her own surfboard to enjoy the sport even more!

A second-year counselor, Lei-Lei is looking forward to sharing her passion for surfing with campers while helping them have the same great experiences she had when she attended Cowaunga.   Her goal is to make each child feel special and confident when they try something new and she loves to see the excitement and joy on their face when they learn to surf a wave!

Lei-Lei’s favorite dish is Pasta Alfredo and a culinary highlight is dinner at the Melting Pot.  She loves dipping into the delicious cheese and chocolate fondues, as well as cooking her own meats while having a fun time with family.

2nd Year Counselor


Born and raised in Stuart, Florida, Luna is the youngest of five siblings, having four older brothers.  She has a Yellow Lab who loves the beach and a small Fox Terrier “who has quite the personality”.  A Cowabunga camper for seven years and a third-year counselor, Luna’s goal this summer is to give every camper the best experience they could imagine.  She loves seeing them filled with joy and excitement and says, “I cannot express how much joy it brings me to see a camper being scared of the ocean on Monday and then riding a wave all the way to the shore by Friday!  I am blessed to be a part of that success!”

A rising Junior at Jensen Beach High School, Luna most enjoys studying early childhood education to learn more about children, how they develop, and how to work best with them.  For many years, she volunteered at Jensen Beach Community Church Preschool as well as at the First Baptist Church Special Needs Camp, assisting the children, teachers, and leaders with daily activities.

Luna is an essential member of the JBHS varsity softball team as well as a travel softball team.  She plans to continue the sport at a Florida college as she concentrates on Speech Pathology as a major.  Her favorite water activity is surfing, a sport taught to her by her dad, and she surfs with family and friends at every opportunity.  Her favorite thing about the ocean is how calming it is but she does enjoy all of the activities it offers as well.  She also enjoys skating, another skill handed down by her dad who is a member of the Skateboard Hall of Fame and by her brother who developed his own “Buncy Burner” skateboard!

Luna grew up dining at Luna’s Pizza and claims it as part of her heritage, with many family memories created there. It still is her favorite restaurant, with pizza being her favorite meal and snack!

Her best vacation to date was to Colorado this past Thanksgiving.  She and her family went to visit her brother in his little, oven-warmed house and woke up one morning to see snow falling and enough on the ground for a fun day of snow play!

During the quarantine, Luna learned to play the ukulele, mastering many songs and serenading her mom day and night.  Maybe she will serenade us at Camp as well!

3rd Year Counselor


Born in Washington DC, Mac has lived on the Treasure Coast since age two.  She now attends The Pine School where she will be a Sophomore in the Fall and most enjoys Biology with her goals set on studying the science of animals in the future.  Following graduation, she plans to travel through Europe before beginning college, after which time she would like to study abroad.

As well as being a second-year counselor at Cowabunga Camp, Mac volunteers at elementary school camps.  She also serves as a counselor for a nature center camp where she handles snakes and baby alligators (YIKES!) and helps kids learn about different animals and ecosystems.  She loves seeing campers arrive excited for the day ahead, anticipating the fun and activity of camp.  A previous Cowabunga camper herself, she says the best thing about Cowabunga is when a camper catches and rides their first wave — and then continues to do so all week long.

Mac loves the beach and the ever-changing qualities of the ocean.  She enjoys surfing the waves, boogie boarding, playing beach volleyball, or spending time on the shore claiming that just sitting in the sun can be the only thing you need sometimes.  She also plays basketball, volleyball, runs track, and dances.

Mac’s most memorable vacation was a trip with her family to Alaska where they went dog sledding on a glacier and saw otters, sea lions, and baby black bears.  They also flew into the city in a helicopter because the access road was blocked for miles!

Mac has one dog, an Australian Shepherd/Chocolate Lab mix named Hobe, with whom she swims and plays in the Intercoastal.  She doesn’t really have a go-to restaurant, but enjoys cooking at home creating new and interesting dishes. Fruit, especially pineapple and watermelon, are her favorite snack because, she says, they remind her of summer.

2nd Year Counselor

Ole Yeller

Ole Yeller was born in South Florida but has lived on the Treasure Coast since she was two.  She has one older sister and two dogs who love to run and play together: a Black Mouth Cur named Dilla who came from a friend’s Georgia farm and another named Sebring.  A rising Senior at Martin County High School, her favorite subject is Psychology because she is intrigued about how the brain works and how differently people think.  After she graduates, she plans to attend college, studying with the goal of working in Forensics in the future.

Ole Yeller participates in the unique sport of aerial silks (“think Cirque du Soleil”) and is a member of the MCHS diving team, enjoying the fun of twisting and flipping into the water.  In her spare time, she heads for the beach to play sand volleyball, go boogie boarding, and create sand castles.  She also likes to head for the open waters with family and friends on her family’s boat, often stopping at the sandbar to paddle board.  Her favorite thing about the ocean is the variety and beauty of all the marine creatures and is fascinated by the mysteries of the sea.

Ole Yeller has been surfing since she was young, taught by her dad who is an aficionado of the sport.  She loves being on the beach and body surfing, and is excited about the opportunity to share her enthusiasm with campers this summer.  Her goal is to help each and every camper have a great time while they learn to safely surf.

A regular Vacation Bible School volunteer, Ole Yeller has had the excellent opportunity of ministering to and playing with children on two mission trips, one to New Mexico and one to Ecuador where she fed alpacas and llamas and experienced new cultures.

For a recent birthday, Ole Yeller received a trip with her grandparents to Europe, visiting Paris, London, and the cities of Italy.  She claims it was the best trip ever, fascinated by the area’s history and scenery.  Here at home, she likes to travel to Anna’s Pizza for a giant slice of her favorite food (pizza!), a cinnamon knot, and soda because, she says, everyone who works there is really nice, the prices aren’t too expensive and the food tastes AMAZING!  For a snack, she blends up a healthy smoothie.  During the quarantine, Ole Yeller claims the best thing she has done is spend quality time with her family at home and out on the water.

2nd Year Counselor


Razzle has been a Florida girl all her life, born in Boca Raton, then growing up on the Treasure Coast for the past 17 years.  She has wonderful memories of her childhood here and claims she would never want to live anywhere else.  She has two dogs: Shadow, a black Lab mix and Bandy, a black mouth Cur with whom she loves to walk and play tug-o-war.

A rising Senior at Jensen Beach High School, Razzle’s favorite subject is Science and particularly, Human Anatomy & Physiology.  She plans to complete her AA before graduation and then continue her studies at the University of Miami or at UF.  Her current future interests include becoming a Physician’s Assistant or a Forensic Psychologist.

A long-time volleyball player, Razzle has been a member of both school and recreational teams and this past year was a member of the the JBHS varsity cheerleading team.  She also is a member of the National Honor Society, the Class Club 2022, and HOSA, and enjoys photography as a hobby.  In her spare time, she likes spending time with friends and going to the beach where she finds the ocean incredibly calm and relaxing — her escape from reality.

A second-year Cowabunga counselor, Razzle looks forward to making a positive impact on campers, helping them have a great time, develop friendships, and create super fun remembrances.  Some of her own happiest memories are of her summer camp experiences and her goal is to help every camper have the same wonderful memories.  She treasures time with children and the opportunity to give them the fun and happiness they deserve.

Razzle has many favorite foods but açaí bowls are at the top of her list.  However, she claims nothing surpasses her love for Chick-Fil-A where the service is amazing, the food is real, and the 8-piece nugget meal with fries and lemonade is the BEST.  Her go-to snack is Goldfish because, she claims, you can never go wrong with Goldfish.  They are always good!

The best vacation Razzle experienced was to the mountains of Colorado, a completely different scenery than that of Florida.  She explored nature hikes and pathways amidst the magnificence and beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

The most important thing Razzle learned during the Quarantine was patience, since there was so much uncertainty about when it would end or how it would effect our country and the world.  She developed a love for baking, focused on some photography, and was able to read some interesting books.

2nd Year Counselor


Riptide, a Stuart native and 6-year Cowabunga camper, has three older brothers.  A Jensen Beach High School student looking forward to her Junior year, Riptide’s favorite subject is Chemistry because it is easy for her and she especially likes the experiments that cause chemical reactions and explosions!  She is working now on her CNA license and after graduation, would like to enter the medical field with the goal being dental hygiene or pediatrics.

A seasoned volleyball player and member of the JBHS varsity team, Riptide enjoys the sport whether on the inside court or on the beach.  However, she also likes to participate in many other sports.  In the ocean, she enjoys paddle boarding, water skiing, and snorkeling.  She was taught by her dad to surf at age 5, and now, after many years of practice and enjoyment with her dad, brothers, and on her own, is extremely proficient at the sport.  In her spare time, she heads for the pool, beach, or boat.  She loves the fresh air of the ocean and the cooling way it feels, especially on a hot summer day.

Because of her many years at Cowabunga camp, Riptide is very familiar with its activities, procedures, and standards. She is excited to return as a fourth-year counselor this summer, sharing with campers her experiences, all she has learned, her love of the ocean, and ensuring that everyone has an amazing time every day of camp.  Her experience with children extends elsewhere as she regularly volunteers in her church’s nursery, at Bible camp, and at kids’ volleyball camps.

One of Riptide’s most memorable trips was to the Bahamas where she and her family had their own little house with a private pathway to the ocean.  They swam, fished, snorkeled, and dove for conch in the crystal blue waters and she was excited to catch two Mahi!  Riptide’s favorite snack is a treat her mom makes of ground beef, BBQ sauce and cheese baked in a croissant (sounds delish!!)  and her go-to restaurant is Hurricane Wings where she dines on wings and amazing salad!

During the quarantine, Riptide learned that staying at home was not all bad and discovered new and interesting ways to keep herself busy.  But now, she says, she is super excited for camp to begin and can’t wait for everyone to start having the best summer ever!

4th Year Counselor


Simba hails from Ohio and has lived on the Treasure Coast for the past ten years.  She is the youngest of three and has a bunny rabbit with whom she likes to cuddle.

A rising Senior at Jensen Beach High School, she most enjoys Science and specifically Biology because she likes learning about the world around us and is intrigued by the beautiful and wondrous organisms that inhabit the ocean’s ecosystem.  In the future, she plans to attend Biology international internships to study different types of life forms.

Simba is a member of the JBHS varsity softball and cheerleading teams, enjoying the camaraderie of working with her peers toward a common goal.  However, she also loves the beachfront activities of skim boarding and surfing, a sport she began at Cowabunga Camp when she was 8.

Simba is passionate about working with children and looks forward to being a part of the Cowabunga team again this summer, putting a smile on every camper’s face and making an impact on their lives in many small ways. In the past, she has volunteered at Vacation Bible Schools and is an enthusiastic babysitter.  This summer, she hopes all the campers have fun learning more about beachfront sports and that she is able to help them have the most awesome summer camp experience ever!

Simba’s favorite trip was to Puerto Rico where she explored Old San Juan, went surfing and zip lining, and enjoyed the beaches, claiming her all-time favorite is the country’s Jobos Beach.  On a night out here, she heads to Lynoras in West Palm Beach where, she says, the Italian food and desserts are the best!  Her most favorite dessert, however, is ice cream.

In her spare time, Simba likes to go to the beach or just spend time with her friends and family.  During the quarantine, she learned how much we actually take for granted.  She claims that without being able to attend school and go out, she would not have the amazing friends and lifestyle she enjoys today.

2nd Year Counselor

New 2021 Counselors


The middle sibling in a military family, Aloha was born in Texas and has lived in 9 states and two countries, but spent many years growing up in Hawaii.  She loves being outdoors and, not surprisingly, her favorite sport is surfing, a skill began in fifth grade. She is an avid soccer and volleyball player and on the water, also enjoys paddle boarding and snorkeling.  She claims that the ocean gives her a sense of peace and goodness and requires her to be still, calm, and enjoy the present moment.

As a Cowabunga counselor, Aloha is excited to share her passion for the outdoors and the sea with campers, inspiring joy and happiness and the same love for the water and surfing as she has.  An elementary school teacher on the Treasure Coast as well as a former daycare, VBS, and mission trip team member, Aloha’s background offering children a fun and exciting experience in a safe environment is invaluable. In the future, she hopes to pursue a Masters degree so that she can develop an improved school curriculum and content.

In her spare time, you probably will find Aloha reading a book at the beach with her dog, Mako, who also enjoys a swim in the pool.  Another of her favorite past times is watching movies and she always is excited for a trip to Disney World!

Aloha likes to snack on Goldfish but is an adventurous diner, trying new foods and dishes and is partial to restaurants with lots of diverse and creative options.  As a college Senior, she explored the delicious cuisines of Spain when she studied abroad, claiming it as her very best trip ever.  On her own, she explored the history and culture of the country, traveling to cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Majorca.

During the quarantine, Aloha learned that happiness doesn’t have to come from other people or activities but that she can be happy in her own presence, enjoying little things and moments.


Originally from Michigan, Bazinga has lived on the Treasure Coast for about nine years and is the middle child of three having one older and one younger sister.  He is a rising Senior at Clark Advanced Learning Center and has a special interest in Chemistry, learning about the make-up of the planet and how it all ties together.  Upon graduation, he will have achieved his high school diploma as well as an AA degree from IRSC.  In the future, he plans to attend college to pursue a medical career.

 An outdoor sport enthusiast, Bazinga participates in rowing, kite boarding, swimming, running, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and surfing.  Indoors, he is pretty proficient in the kitchen, preferring to dine at home rather than eating out because he enjoys creating his own culinary delights, a skill developed and improved over the recent quarantine.  Although he doesn’t really have a favorite meal, he digs into watermelon for a healthy and refreshing snack!

 Bazinga has been a busy babysitter, a tutor, and a mentor and enjoys having an all-around great time with children.  He looks forward to sharing his love of surfing, skim boarding, and body boarding with campers, helping them learn and enjoy the activities while having fun in the water.  He hopes their camp experiences will create long-lasting summertime memories.

 In his spare time, Bazinga enjoys learning new songs and techniques on his guitar and playng with his one dog, a toy poodle. His very best trip was a scalloping expedition with a friend that he says was “amazing”!  They ventured out on a boat everyday to collect the shellfish and returned to shore every evening for a delicious feast.  Yummm!


Bruce is a true Stuart native, and loves the Florida life!  A rising Junior at Clark Advanced Learning Center she is working towards her AA in Business at IRSC as well.  She most enjoys English, claiming that writing essays and analyzing text always has come easy for her.   After graduation, she plans to work as a physical therapist assistant while studying for a PhD.  She has been a member of the weightlifting and flag football teams at her school and participates in the First Priority club as well.

 In her spare time, Bruce loves working out at the gym, relaxing in coffee shops, enjoying boating and fishing, and just being at the beach in the sun and salt air.  She has been paddle boarding with her family since she was little and fairly recently began improving her skimming and surfing skills, originally learned years ago as a Cowabunga camper.  She also loves to body surf! 

 Bruce has quite a lot of experience helping and guiding children.  She has been on many family- and child-centered mission trips and has repeatedly volunteered for her church VBS and youth camps.  She also is a top babysitter!  She loves being with kids and helping them learn new things, so joins the Cowabunga team this year to do just that!  She says she hopes to be as nice and as cool as she found the counselors to be when she was a camper here.

 Bruce’s most memorable vacation was with her family to Man O’ War Cay in the Bahamas where they enjoyed the beautiful beaches, boated, fished, and snorkeled, seeing the most amazing reefs and tons of cool marine life.  She loves the ocean for the many activities that it offers, like the ones she experienced, and that it is so pretty and perennial.

 Bruce has a very sweet but very old white boxer who accompanies her on runs.  Tops on her meal list are tacos and sushi and her go-to restaurant is Utiki where she says the food is great, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the Surf and Turf roll is the best!  During the quarantine, she realized that your mindset determines your quality of life.  She says, “Whenever my thoughts are negative, sad, or pessimistic, I enjoy life less.  But whenever my thoughts are positive and optimistic, I  have more fun!”


A Florida native, Daffy was born in West Palm Beach and then moved to Flagler Beach before settling in Hutchinson Island 14 years ago.  She now attends Jensen Beach High School and IRSC, and is achieving an AA in Criminal Justice.  Always having a great interest in Behavioral Science and the Criminal Mind, Daffy hopes to pursue a career as a criminal psychologist or in another branch of criminal law.

Daffy is an avid photographer of both people and landscapes and enjoys sketching and painting, following in her artistic mother’s footsteps. In fact, she got very creative during the quarantine and accomplished an acrylic pour on her bedroom door, mixing paints and chemicals to design colorful patterns, bubbles, and shapes and now has an incredible, decorative entry to her room.

On land, Daffy plays indoor and beach volleyball and kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards on the water.  She began surfing a few years ago and finds it very relaxing and enjoyable.  She loves being out on the waves, especially with good friends, and says one of the best things in the world is being underwater in the ocean and hearing the sounds of sea all around you.  One of her most memorable vacations was a cruise to several Bahama islands with friends.  They all bunked together at night and during the day, kayaked over the beautiful marine life swimming beneath them.

Daffy has many years experience as a comprehensive caretaker for children, always ensuring that they follow safety rules but also ensuring that they have a blast while in her care.  She joins the Cowabunga team this year with the goal of giving campers the most fantastic experience possible, surrounded by good intentions and fun, always feeling that they are valued and respected.

A long-time Humane Society volunteer, Daffy is an animal lover and even began a club at JBHS that supports homeless and abused dogs.  She has a Golden Doodle named Violet who is her “absolute favorite living thing on this planet”.  They go everywhere and do everything together, although Violet is not a big fan of the water sports that Daffy loves!  In the past, surgery on her right leg left Daffy with rods and screws that set off metal detectors everywhere she went for months.  Thankfully, she is now 100%, able to enjoy land and water sports alike.

Daffy’s favorite meal is sushi but her favorite restaurant is Benihana where she always orders the Chicken Fried Rice.  She says it is so delicious, she could probably eat it every single day!


A very recent Treasure Coast resident, Flounder moved here from Philadelphia just this past January after graduating from Kutztown University of PA.  Born and raised in “the city of brotherly love”, she has two younger sisters and one younger brother who she adores and calls her best friends.  She is very athletic, despite three instances of a torn ACL, which resulted in three operations as well!

 Sometime in the near future, Flounder would like to run her own business but says she has so many interests, it has been hard to choose one direction.  During the quarantine, however, she started a small Instagram business selling tie dye garments that she hand made.  Also during that time, she realized the importance of time with family, as they spent many hours playing games, constructing puzzles, and watching movies together.  Now, in her spare time, she likes to exercise, kayak, skateboard, and practice yoga.  She has played soccer all of her life and still enjoys kicking a ball around whenever the opportunity arises.

 Growing up in Pennsylvania, Flounder never participated in many water sports and is excited to learn more about them now that she lives on the Treasure Coast.  She loves the ocean and is fascinated by how little is known about it, with nearly 80% being completely unexplored. She can’t wait to spend her summer in the waves with Cowabunga campers, helping them grow in their appreciation of the Florida outdoors as hers does as well.  She has worked with children her whole life, helping run youth soccer and lacrosse camps and has spent many years as a personal nanny.

 Flounder’s most memorable trip was to Europe with her family.  They visited Belgium, France, and her mother’s homeland of Holland.  At home, she has a 5-year-old Bearded Dragon named YB who lives on her screened porch and loves the Florida weather!  Her favorite food ever is cheese fries and her favorite snack is Goldfish.  She does love real seafood as well though!


Goldie has lived on the Treasure Coast for eight years, moving from Indiana where he spent most of his youth.  He is one of four children in his family, having three older siblings and one younger.  A rising Senior at Clark Advanced Learning Center, he particularly finds Art and History interesting and fun but is not sure at this point what his concentration in college owill be or what in what direction he will go for a career.

 When Goldie was six, his family moved to Costa Rica for a year-and-a-half to serve as missionaries in that country.  While there, he developed a deep appreciation of the ocean, learning to love the feeling of peace it offers, and of the waves on which he learned to surf. Now, surfing is his favorite activity by far.  In fact, Goldie’s most memorable trip was with his family to Puerto Rico where they surfed for six hours every day!

 For many years, Goldie has been a counselor for a wide variety of kids’ camps and missions through his church.  He is passionate about talking, interacting with, and teaching children of all ages.  He is excited to share his love for the beach and water activities with Cowabunga campers this summer and to watch how they progress through their camp week.  He says its so exciting to see them catch their first wave and then get better and better by Friday!

 In addition to surfing at every opportunity, Goldie also skimboards, plays the drums, and enjoys a good game of basketball.  During the quarantine, he enjoyed learning lots of awesome songs on his guitar as well.  In his spare time, he likes to read the Bible, relax with family and friends, and snack on Oreos.  He doesn’t have any traditional pets but does have a bunch of chickens who supply plenty of eggs for his family.  Its a good thing for Goldie’s own chickens that his favorite chicken sandwich is at Chick-Fil-A!

Ha Ha!

Born on the Treasure Coast and raised in Palm City, the middle of three siblings, Ha Ha! attends Jensen Beach High School where he will be a Junior in the Fall.  He most enjoys Engineering, planning to continue that study in college, perhaps with the goal of becoming a programmer for a big tech company in the future.  He is a member of the JBHS soccer team as well as for the Martin United club team and plays at every opportunity, claiming that being able to be on the field every day was the benefit of the quarantine for him.  He even has his sights set on playing professionally and is working toward that goal.

 For many years, Ha Ha! has volunteered at Operation 300, a camp for children who lost their fathers in the service to our country.  Children are paired with a father-aged mentor for a weekend of fun, laughter, and bonding to create long-lasting memories.  He is grateful for the opportunity to participate in this most worthwhile camp.

 This summer, Ha Ha! is excited to join the Cowabunga team, spending time with campers and being sure they have a memorable time as well.  On the beach, he most enjoys skim boarding, an activity he began at age 7, and looks forward to helping campers enjoy it as well!  He says he is funny and fun and plans to use both gifts to create memorable days for the campers.  His philosophy is to arrive everyday with the best attitude and respect the kids so that when they go home they in turn respect their family and friends.

 Ha Ha! claims his very best trip was with his family to England.  They visited his dad’s family, his brother had a trial with a big soccer team, and they attending a Manchester United match in the pouring down snow.  He says that was the best night ever!  He has one dog named Molly with whom he likes to relax and just lay around.  And although his favorite meal is chicken fingers and fries, he heads for Panera Bread whenever possible for their “amazing” Mac & Cheese!


Hoops is a Stuart native and the youngest of three in her family, having two older brothers.  She is a rising Junior at Clark Advanced Learning Center, most interested in Science, and now is working toward an AA in Biology, planning to continue that study to achieve a B.S. in the field.  Her long-term goal is a career as an Optometrist.

 An avid basketball player since the age of six, Hoops is a member of the Jensen Beach High School team and plays every chance she gets.  In her spare time, she is either practicing the sport or outside — on a boat or at the beach with family and friends — and sometimes even with her two dogs who love to join in the fun!  Her favorite water sports are paddle boarding, boogie boarding, and surfing, a sport she taught herself along with helpful tips from her older brother.  She loves the waves and the ability to be surrounded by them.  But she also likes looking down through them from a boat, seeing turtles and dolphins below.

 Hoops has coached children’s basketball and has done a lot of babysitting.  She also was a foster sister for five years.  She is very excited to be at the beach with campers this summer, teaching them new water sports skills.  Her goal is to make sure everyone has an amazing time while being very safe.  During the quarantine, she realized that “no matter what life throws at you, there are ways to make the best of it and still have fun, enjoying every day.”  That is a great philosophy!

 Hoops loves to travel and finds it impossible to choose her favorite trip.  Each year, she and her family ski in Utah.  Her favorite resort is Snowbird and has visited so many times over the years that it feels like home to her.  She also has great memories of traveling overseas where she tried new foods, experienced different cultures, and communicated with the country’s residents in their own language.  Her dream trip is an African safari.  Her favorite snacks are strawberries and celery and on a night out, she heads for Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza for a spicy pepper-topped Paulie’s Pie, wings, and a salad.


A rising Junior at Jensen Beach High School, Jewlz has only lived on the Treasure Coast for two years, having spent most time in Maryland where she was born.  Her favorite subject is science, learning beyond the physical characteristics of living things.  After graduation, she hopes to attend Auburn University, major in Marine Biology, and become a marine life veterinarian, traveling to save all sorts of animals.  She has two brothers and a dog named Zoey who gets lots of treats and is just a little chubby but very cute.

 Jewlz is very athletic, playing volleyball and lacrosse for JBHS, but also enjoys being out on the water boating, as well as tanning on the beach with friends while listening to her favorite tunes.  In the water, she likes to swim and surf, a sport she began just last year and is practicing to improve. 

 Jewlz has worked with children in many capacities.  She has assisted in the Kids Center at her church and for several years, was a volunteer at Vacation Bible Schools.  She also served on mission teams to Cuba, interacting with and providing for local children and their families. She loves bonding with kids and making great memories. She says she has a ton of fun energy and plans to use it to help all the Cowabunga campers have an amazing time experiencing all that the Treasure Coast beaches have to offer.

 Jewlz’s most memorable trip was a cruise to the Florida Keys and Mexico with her family.  Her favorite food is tacos and, on the sweeter side, takes every opportunity to explore all the different cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory.  During the quarantine, Jewlz used the time to redecorate her room with lots of her favorite things and is thrilled with the way it turned out!


Moola was born and raised in Cannes, France where she lived until three years ago when she moved with her parents and younger brother to the Treasure Coast.  She attends Martin County High School where she will be a Junior in the Fall and most enjoys Law Studies as that is preparing her for her future goal of attending law school and a career in the field.

Moola very much enjoys working with children and is a popular babysitter as well teaching french lessons to kids and teenagers. She has worked at McNally Show Horse camps for two years, teaching them about horses and how to care for them, showing them how to clean the barns, helping campers ready the horses, and playing games in between.  As a Cowabunga counselor, her goals are to help the campers have lots of fun and make friends while learning new water sports and beach games. 

Moola enjoys participating in many different sports, particularly soccer and beach volleyball on land and swimming, paddle boarding, and surfing on the water. She is a relatively new surfer but loves the sport and being in the ocean’s waves.  Her most memorable vacation was to Mauritius Island where she swam with the dolphins and relaxed on the beautiful beaches. Watching sunsets over the water is a favorite as well.

Although fajitas are a top favorite, Moola enjoys Benihana for the delicious food and entertaining chefs.  She has one dog, an Australian Shepherd named Cookie who she takes to the dog park and runs in the preserve, and a Main Coon cat named Olive who enjoys playing with toys.  During the quarantine, she enjoyed reading and learning about new things and spending quality time with her family.


Moto has been a Treasure Coast resident for about seven years, moving from Kansas where he lived until third grade with his parents and two older sisters.  He is a rising Junior at Jensen Beach High School where he is a member of the lacrosse team and most enjoys using his creativity to design houses in Drafting and Architecture.  In the future, he aspires to a career as either a physical therapist or a realtor.

 A water sport enthusiast, Moto enjoys wake boarding, skim boarding, and surfing, a sport learned as a Cowabunga camper at age nine.  His favorite thing about the ocean is the many activities it offers and he is excited to return to Cowabunga as a counselor to help campers learn to enjoy watersports and the Florida environment.  He has much experience serving in his church’s children programs, as well as helping coach youth lacrosse teams.  Additionally, he volunteers at his church, playing the drums in the youth group’s praise band each week.

 Moto’s favorite vacation was with his family to Michigan, staying at a friend’s lake house and enjoying the northern outdoors.  He also went on a spontaneous outdoor trip to the Florida Keys during the quarantine, learning that you can always find a way to make a great time out of a difficult situation.  However, he claims he had the best time of his life two years ago when he attended Camp Livingston, a Christian camp in Tennessee where he went rock climbing, white water rafting, and learned more about the Gospel.

 Although Moto’s favorite foods are Biscuits and Gravy and peach tea, he particularly likes the Sticky Chicken Tacos at Taco Shack, favoring the restaurant because because it is a family-run business and the food is great.  He has two adorable dogs, a King Charles Cavalier named King and a Shitzu named Lulu, two very important members of his family!


A six-year Cowabunga camper, Neptune started surfing at age 8, improving her skills and learning to skim and paddle board when she began attending Cowabunga Surf Camp the following year.  She says she has so many great memories of her experiences at camp and wants to be sure this year’s campers have a memorable time as well.  She plans to help everyone have a super fun time while enjoying the environment and learning new skills, particularly the techniques of surfing, her most favored water sport.  She has much experience working with children, having volunteered at school and summer camps for kids with speech and developmental delays, as well as at the Lyric Theatre’s kids camp.  Last summer she also was a Cowabunga CIT for a couple of weeks.

A Treasure Coast native and rising Sophomore at Lincoln Park Academy, Neptune most enjoys English, Science, and Gym.  She leads a very athletic lifestyle, being a member of LPA’s flag football and varsity soccer teams, as well as a club soccer team, and plans to try out for her schools’ volleyball and cross country teams next year.  She also plays lacrosse, beach volleyball, and skateboards.  In the future, she hopes to earn a sports scholarship in college, and to become an entrepreneur after graduation.

Neptune’s favorite thing about the ocean is its changing qualities and the activities that it provides.  Especially when she is surfing, she finds it relaxing and calming but it also is lots of fun as the waves get bigger and rougher.  During the quarantine, she enjoyed much time at the beach and had a lot of fun being with family.  But she also learned to try new things, developed and improved new skills, found new ways to entertain herself, made new, unexpected friends, and enjoyed her four-legged family members: four cats and one sun-loving dog, Tico.

Neptune’s most memorable vacation was to New Jersey and Maine visiting her many cousins and extended family.  They all rented a house on a lake and spent lots of special time together tubing, waterskiing, hiking, exploring the forests, and gathering around a bonfire in the evenings.  Although she prefers to snack on acai bowls and gummy worms, she frequents the Castaways restaurant for its good atmosphere, delicious food, and familiar, “family” feeling.


Neutron was born in Alabama but moved to the Treasure Coast at age 3.  She has a twin brother. two older brothers, and one older sister.  Their family dog, JoJo, is a mixed breed who is very special to Neutron and with whom she spends a lot of time.  For fun, she likes to take JoJo on a golf cart ride to the end of the street and then have her race the golf cart all the way back home!

Soon to be a Junior at Martin County High School, Neutron most enjoys P.E. because she likes to run around and play all kinds of sports. A member of her middle and high school volleyball teams for the past five years, she also does weight lifting and plays flag football.  In the future, she would like to attend a Florida college with the goal of becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant.

Neutron has tons of experience working with children and, in fact, likes to babysit at every possible opportunity because she says little ones are so much fun to be around!  She is a “regular” in her church’s child care facility and has served on many mission teams and children’s church camps.  As a Cowabunga team member, she looks forward to spending great times with campers, to making sure they have the best camp experience EVER, and to teaching them more about her favorite water sports — body boarding and surfing, a skill she learned at age 10 to prepare for a family trip to the Bahamas.

Neutron’s favorite snack is pizza or any breakfast food and her favorite restaurant is Longhorn because she loves the steak and the special staff there.  She also is pretty fond of Benihana for its great food and “entertainment”.  Her most memorable vacation was a 9-day mission trip to Baltimore with friends.  She said that even though there were rats and bugs, it was an amazing experience because they were able to show love to lots of little kids.

In her spare time, Neutron likes to be with friends doing just about anything but especially something “sporty” like playing football or volleyball.  She also enjoys taking long walks or hanging out with JoJo.  During the quarantine, she learned more about cooking in her own kitchen and also tried to learn how to braid hair but says that didn’t go very well!

Pom Pom

A Jensen Beach native with one younger sister, Pom Pom is a rising Senior at Jensen Beach High School where she is a varsity cheerleader and a flyer for the squad.  She enjoys all health-related studies and after graduation, plans to achieve a sonography degree with the goal of becoming an ultrasound technician.

Pom Pom adores interacting with children and looks forward to making many friendships with campers, helping them learn to enjoy her favorite water sport, boogie boarding.  A first-year counselor, she is a much sought-after and seasoned babysitter whose goal is always to keep kids safe while helping them have the best time ever.  With Pom Pom, it should be a fun summer for all!

Pom Pom’s most memorable trip was to Key West where she went snorkeling and swimming in the refreshing ocean with the bountiful and beautiful sea life there.  On a night out, she heads to Fujiyama for the delicious hibachi selections and the great atmosphere and she loves to snack on watermelon popsicles.

Pom Pom has a Pomeranian dog named Peanut and a rescue puppy named Sunny Girl.  During the quarantine, she used the time to try new things and to develop new and different hobbies.


A Florida native and the oldest of three girls in her family, Shazam was born in Coral Springs but moved to the Treasure Coast when she was just a year old.  She attends Martin County High School where she will be a Junior in the Fall and claims English is her favorite subject because it comes easily to her and she loves to read as well.  She is an active member of MCHS Leadership, of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), and of the National Honor Society.  In the future, she plans to attend the University of California at Irvine to study Criminal Justice or Criminology, with the goal of pursuing a career as an FBI agent.

 Shazam has lots of experience working with children, having been a Counselor-In-Training for four years at Palm City Elementary.  She relishes the opportunity she had there and can’t wait to meet all of the Cowabunga campers this summer.  Her goals are to help each one have a great time out on the beach and to help them make lots of fun memories!  She loves the ocean for all of the life it contains and is always excited to go snorkeling to see what’s under the surface.

 In her spare time, Shazam enjoys playing football and ATV riding with her family and is always ready for a trip to the mall.  She also heads for the beach with friends, sometimes for an active game of spike ball!  Often, her two dogs, Barley and Brooklyn, accompany her to the seaside for a refreshing run or romp in the surf.  During the quarantine, she learned to take advantage of the time you have with family and friends because it can so easily be taken away — so she strives to do just that.

 Shazam has a very large extended family and remembers her best vacation when all 30 (or so)   of her family members stayed in a Pennsylvania cabin for a week and together had a blast tubing, ice skating, and just hanging out.  Her favorite snack is OREOS and on a night out, she heads for the Cheesecake Factory where she always has a great meal and looks forward to their (what else?) OREO Cheesecake for dessert.  The next time you visit Chick-Fil-A though, take a look behind the counter.  She just might be your server!


Squidee was born and raised in Martin County, the youngest of 4 children.  He has an older brother and two sisters, one of whom is a former Cowabunga counselor!  He now attends Martin County High School where he will be a Sophomore in the Fall and favors Math because he likes to solve mathematical problems.  A member of the MCHS football and wrestling teams, he hopes to wrestle in college for the NCAA, graduating to be a professional freestyle wrestler.

 Currently, Squidee works in his family’s business making hurricane shutters. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and claims his favorite vacation is going to the Florida Keys to try to catch “the big one”.   He loves being out on the ocean with its beautiful blue water and is intrigued by all of the different types of sea life that live in it, especially the many varieties of fish.

 Squidee learned to surf and skim at age 5 when he was a Cowabunga camper and has been enjoying both sports ever since.  He can’t wait to head out to the beach with this summer’s campers to share the same great experiences he had at Cowabunga.  Each summer, he works in the children’s ministry camp at his church and says he has a lot of fun with kids and really enjoys helping them learn new skills.

 Squidee is very adventurous and is always “up” for trying new things but is favorite food is just a good Pub sub.   His favorite restaurant is Chick-Fil-A where he always orders the chicken sandwich because “they have really great chicken”!  He has two French Bulldogs, Remie and Dexter, who he takes on runs.  He says that when the quarantine began it was very difficult being stuck at home.  But then he got to do a lot of fishing and realized how important it is to take time being outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!


Ever since the first time Sweetee was a Cowabunga camper many years ago, he aspired to be a Cowabunga counselor.  He joins the team with the goal of offering this year’s campers the very best time ever so they will want to return and keep improving their water sport skills.  He has worked at elementary school camps at his church for the past six years and loves helping and teaching children new things so they can report to friends and families what they learned and how much fun they had doing so.

 Although Sweetee was born in Georgia, he has lived on the Treasure Coast for 17 years with his parents and three siblings: two older sisters and one younger brother.  He attends Martin County High School where he will be a Senior in the Fall and most enjoys Marine Science because the study is all about the ocean and what lives in it.  After graduation, he has his sights set on welding school.

 Sweetee says his favorite thing about the ocean are its waves, the many varieties of fish that swim in it, and all the fun activities it offers from surfing to playing in the sand, to looking for shells on the shore.  He enjoys surfing but particularly likes skim boarding, a sport he started at age 6 and improved at Cowabunga camp, learning new techniques and tricks.  However, his greatest delight is fishing.  He recently placed second in a tournament and actually is sponsored by three different companies!  In fact, he claims the highlight of the quarantine was that he caught his biggest snook!

 It’s no surprise, but Sweetee’s most memorable vacation was a fishing trip to St. Augustine with his dad, brother, and family friends.  They fished all day on a charter boat then took their catch to a restaurant where it was cooked up for the freshest seafood dinner ever!  Here at home, his favorite food is a sub from the Island Pantry and his go-to restaurant is Fujiyama where he orders the steak and rice or spicy tuna sushi.


A seven-year Cowabunga camper, Waffles joins the 2021 team because she loved the camp environment that her own counselors created and how they made all the activities so much fun, motivating her to be like them and now to be a counselor herself.  She believes she is humorous in an entertaining way and loves helping others and making them laugh, especially children, a gift discovered through much babysitting and working as a staff member at other camps.

A Treasure Coast resident for eight years, Waffles moved here from central Florida with her parents and younger brother.  She attends Jensen Beach High School where she will be a Sophomore in the Fall and is particularly amazed at the study of the world’s development in Human Geography.  After graduation, she plans to attend college for a marketing or business degree with the goal of being an entrepreneur in the future.

Waffles learned to surf at Cowabunga camp and has enjoyed it ever since.  She also likes paddle boarding, playing soccer, relaxing at the beach with friends, and traveling.  During the quarantine, she realized how great it is to be outdoors and now heads for the open air whenever possible.  Her most memorable trip was with her family to Vancouver and Alaska where they cruised, went dog sledding, flew in a helicopter, and were awed by the beauty around them.

Waffles has three dogs named Salty, Jax, and Gracie who she loves to take on walks.  Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese, which she orders when dining out whenever she finds it on the menu.  She and her brother, her cousins, and friends have created a long summer tradition of attending Cowabunga Surf Camp and she is excited to continue it this year as a new counselor!


Growing up on Hutchison Island, Yogi has loved the ocean his whole life.  At age 5, he learned to surf and began attending surf camps.  As a Cowabunga counselor, he wants to offer campers the same great experiences he had at camps, creating a fun and safe environment where kids can learn how great the outdoors and watersports can be.  He has earned experience working with children serving as a lacrosse coach for youth teams as well as doing some babysitting.

A rising Junior at Jensen Beach High School, Yogi most enjoys the stories and lessons of History and how lives were lived in the past.  He plays lacrosse for JBHS as well as for a club team and hopes to continue the sport in college.  In the future, his goal is to work with nature and animals, perhaps as a cattle rancher.

Yogi’s most memorable vacation was with his mom and grandma when they travelled to Michigan to visit family. While there, he was excited to snow ski for the first time! He finds the ocean very calming and in his spare time, he likes to head out on the boat or do some serious fishing.  During the quarantine, he even learned to work on boats, spending more time around the water.

Yogi enjoys running and playing with his two German Short Hair Pointers named Yeager and Pearl and then cools off with his favorite snack, ice cream.   Although Chicken Alfredo tops his list of best meals, on a night out he heads for either Lefty’s for wings and curly fries or the Ale House for their mouth-watering 2000-calorie Mountain Melt!