Meet the Cowabunga Surf & Watersports Camp Team

Camp Leadership

Brett Jenkins (“EAGLE”)

Camp Director

Co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with parents Melissa & Tom, Brett has been associated with Cowabunga for over nine years, managing the boards, providing expert lessons, and efficiently running summer camp.

Melissa Jenkins (“MOMMA J”)

Camp Administrator

Momma J (aka Melissa Jenkins), co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with son Brett and husband Tom, has lived in South Florida within one mile of the Atlantic beaches all of her life. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, she has resided in Stuart with Tom and sons Brett, Skyler, & Connor since 1987 and now is blessed with an adored daughter-in-law, Connor’s wife, Lyndi.

Melissa’s background for over 30 years was in marketing, promotion and public relations, working in her own business and as a freelancer for local marketing firms. In December, 2012, she and her family purchased Cowabunga Surf and Sport, embarking on a new and exciting adventure! She claims the greatest benefit of owning the shop, besides working with her treasured family, are the many wonderful visitors, families, and conversations enjoyed over the past years. “We are privileged to call so many of our customers friends!”, she claims.

Some of Momma J’s favorite things are spending time outside, hanging with her family, meeting new people, Bible Study Fellowship, finding unusual additions for her tropical garden, and creating new and different recipes. Her favorite foods? Mediterranean!



Frodo moved to the Treasure Coast nearly five years ago from Woodbridge, Virginia just outside Washington DC and has one older and one younger sister, with whom he is very close.  This area holds many treasured memories for him and is very dear to his heart, as his father and grandparents are from Jensen Beach and this was his childhood vacation destination.

Attending school in Virginia, history was always Frodo’s favorite subject.  He believes that it is important to study so that the lessons and experiences learned from it are not lost.  His school sports included football and wrestling.  He has logged many hours of babysitting for family, friends, and church and has served as a swimming pool lifeguard as well. 


This summer, Frodo looks forward to creating a fun learning experience for campers and to pass on the gift of surfing, his favorite water sport, which he learned at age 14 from The Eagle.  He claims the experience is beyond words!  He considers his profession as a surf instructor, both within and without camp, an extremely fulfilling blessing as he helps others experience the joys of the sport.  He finds the ocean to be very therapeutic and claims that being in the water on a surfboard helps him forget the troubles and stresses of the day.  In the future, he would like to travel to new surf spots in search of new surfing experiences.

Frodo also enjoys most other board sports such as skating and snowboarding, stating that once you get the hang of them and relax, they are extremely enjoyable and very freeing.  This year, he was blessed to join in on a trip to Colorado with family and friends and is so thankful for it.  The experience was his first time snowboarding, which now is top on his list of the best land sports!

In his spare time, Frodo likes to play the guitar, sing, write songs, and draw, using his designs to create custom t-shirts. He also enjoys being with friends and eating great food (his favorite being pizza) and has visited some pretty great pizzerias in the past!  However, his go-to restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory where, he exclaims, the fried mac and cheese is unbeatable!

During the quarantine, the most important lesson he learned and would like to share is that it isn’t about where you are that creates happiness, but rather, its the people you choose to spend time with.

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