Meet the Cowabunga Surf & Watersports Camp Team

Camp Leadership

Brett Jenkins (“EAGLE”)

Camp Director

Co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with parents Melissa & Tom, Brett has been associated with Cowabunga for over nine years, managing the boards, providing expert lessons, and efficiently running summer camp.

Melissa Jenkins (“MOMMA J”)

Camp Administrator

Momma J (aka Melissa Jenkins), co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with son Brett and husband Tom, has lived in South Florida within one mile of the Atlantic beaches all of her life. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, she has resided in Stuart with Tom and sons Brett, Skyler, & Connor since 1987 and now is blessed with an adored daughter-in-law, Connor’s wife, Lyndi.

Melissa’s background for over 30 years was in marketing, promotion and public relations, working in her own business and as a freelancer for local marketing firms. In December, 2012, she and her family purchased Cowabunga Surf and Sport, embarking on a new and exciting adventure! She claims the greatest benefit of owning the shop, besides working with her treasured family, are the many wonderful visitors, families, and conversations enjoyed over the past years. “We are privileged to call so many of our customers friends!”, she claims.

Some of Momma J’s favorite things are spending time outside, hanging with her family, meeting new people, Bible Study Fellowship, finding unusual additions for her tropical garden, and creating new and different recipes. Her favorite foods? Mediterranean!

2020 Counselor Team

Returning Counselors

Biscuit was born in New York but moved to the Treasure Coast at age 9 and has lived here — and loved it! — ever since. She is a new graduate of the University of South Florida where she majored in Media because she enjoys developing creative ideas and designing marketing plans. In the future, she would like to become a teacher, work in real estate, and eventually open her own coffee shop.

Some of Biscuit’s hobbies are going to the beach and to the gym, and her goal this summer is to spend more time doing yoga and cycling. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and drinking lots of coffee! Her most-enjoyed water activities are paddle boarding (a sport she began at age 13), and surfing, which has become a passion since learning the techniques just a few years ago.

One of five children with three younger siblings, Biscuit loves working with children, claiming that seeing them happy makes her happy, and looks forward to helping Cowabunga campers have a fun and memorable summer. Returning as a third-year counselor, Biscuit treasures the many connections she has made with Cowabunga campers and can’t wait to come back to see them and to meet new arrivals. Her goal is to help every camper leave camp each day with a smile on their face.

To date, Honduras has been Biscuit’s best vacation destination because, she explains, the crystal-clear waters looked like glass and the snorkeling was amazing, with so many fish on the coral reefs. Her favorite thing about the ocean is the sound of its waves and how beautiful they make it.

Biscuit declares chocolate covered almonds as her choice treat and best enjoys the Meat Market in Tampa as her favorite restaurant, dining on steak and Brussels sprouts. She has a mini Aussie puppy named Archie who loves the beach just as much as she does. Over the course of the Quarantine, she has been able to spend a lot of time outdoors, which she says has been amazing!

Bubbles was born in Boca Raton but soon moved to Costa Rica where she lived for five years before moving to the Treasure Coast. An only child, she now attends St. Andrews Episcopal Academy where she will be a Junior in the Fall. She enjoys studying law and would like to work for the DEA in the future. After graduation, she plans to travel the world before settling into a routine.

An avid soccer player, Bubbles has played the sport for seven years and is now starting goal keeper for the Jensen Beach Soccer Club. She also enjoys riding horses, playing kickball on the beach, and is a certified scuba diver. Often, she sits by her pool or heads for the beach with her two water-loving dogs, an English Bulldog named Moose and a Rottweiler named Eggy.

Bubbles adores working with kids. She can’t wait to help each and every camper feel like a rockstar and to see the kids faces light up when they catch their first wave on their own. A 5-year Cowabunga camper herself, she looks forward to sharing her love for the beach, the ocean and all its marine life, and surfing, a sport she learning from her dad in Jaco, Costa Rica when she was 3. In the past, she worked for 2-1/2 years as a counselor for kids ranging from pre-school to middle-school ages.

Bubbles has an amazing experience last summer when her dad surprised her with a trip to Chicago to visit her most loved Chicago Cubs, and thrilled her with a VIP tour of the dugout and a preferred meeting with team members.

Fruit, fruit, and more fruit is Bubbles’ go-to snack and her favorite restaurant is Conchy Joes because, not only does she work there, but it is on the water, the staff makes you feel like family, and she says the food is really really good!

During the Quarantine, Bubbles used the down-time to learn leather crafting and taught herself how to stitch medical sutures. Hopefully she won’t need the skill for personal use!

The youngest of five siblings, Cheetos was born and raised in Stuart, Florida and now attends Jensen Beach High School where she will be a Junior in the Fall. She is most interested in the health program, learning about the complexities of the human body and doing super fun labs. In the future, she plans a medical career and hopes to soon shadow surgeons so she can understand more about their skills and professions.

A hard-working, successful cheerleader since elementary school, Cheetos travels far and wide for competitions. Last year, her team won the national championship in Las Vegas! This past year, she also played Lacrosse on the JBHS team and found it very enjoyable.

In her spare time, Cheetos likes to be outside, especially at the beach, swimming, boogie boarding, and playing beach games. She has enjoyed surfing for six years and paddle boarding for seven and is enthusiastically looking forward to helping Cowabunga campers enjoy them as well. She loves being around kids and hopes to help them have a super fun time on the Treasure Coast beaches. She has been a cheer coach for younger children and has worked at several other children’s camps: 360 gymnastics, Ohana, and Aerial Elite, and will use the skills she developed there to encourage and inspire kids this summer as a second-year Cowabunga counselor.

Cheetos’s favorite thing about the ocean is its unpredictability: how it can be extremely flat and clear one day and have waves the next, but that it always offers fun activities. At home, she keeps a close eye on marine life through her 100-gallon fish tank and enjoys fostering kittens. Her best vacation was to the Cayman Islands where she swam with dolphins, snorkeled in crystal blue waters, explored caves, and drank a lot of chocolate milk shakes!

Cheetos claims her favorite snack is Oreos (“I.Love.Oreos!”) and that the fried rice at Benihana’s is absolutely addicting. She cooks and bakes at home but claims she hasn’t been the best at it, tending to somehow burn or mess it up. During the quarantine, though, Cheetos says she made her family food that actually was edible..and it even tasted good!

Frodo moved to the Treasure Coast three years ago from Woodbridge, Virginia just outside Washington DC and has one older and one younger sister. This area holds many treasured memories for him, as his father and grandparents are from here and he grew up with Jensen Beach being the family vacation destination.

Considering himself to be very sympathetic and helpful, Frodo hopes to be instrumental in helping Cowabunga campers have a great time this summer, meeting their seaside and water sport goals. He has done a lot of babysitting and child care within his family and church, as well as for others, and has much experience overseeing and guiding younger children. He also has served as a swimming pool lifeguard.

With a true heart for music and art, Frodo likes to play the guitar, sing, write songs, and draw, using his designs to create custom t-shirts. He also enjoys mornings at the beach and surfing, a sport he learned at age 14 from The Eagle. He finds the ocean to be very therapeutic and claims that being in the water on a surfboard is the only thing that really helps him forget the troubles and stresses of the day. He also enjoys wake boarding and describes one of his best memories as a wakeboard trip several years ago.

Frodo’s favorite restaurant is Berry Fresh, claiming that their breakfast is awesome, and always enjoys a snack or lunch of an acai bowl loaded peanut butter. Over the course of the Quarantine, he says the most important lesson learned was “to count your blessings”.

Born and raised in Martin County, Icee, the oldest of three siblings, just graduated from the Clark Learning Center. He claims his favorite subject is definitely Marine Science, learning about and interacting with marine animals with which he has been fascinated since he was little.  In the recent past, he has had the welcomed opportunity to go on several deep dives for a close-up experience with many different marine ecosystems. 

A true water aficionado, Icee has been a member of Club and high school swim teams, receiving a varsity letter in the sport for the last 4 years.  Last year, he swam 12.5 miles around Key West and planned to do it again this year before the pandemic cancelled his plans.

Icee enjoys many other sports besides swimming (which is his favorite) that includes skateboarding, running along the shoreline, skim boarding, and surfing, a sport he was taught by his dad in sixth grade.  He says that the first time he caught a wave, he was hooked! 

Icee has much experience working with and helping children.  His family has fostered many kids from many different backgrounds over the past several years.  Having an age span of 3 to 10, these children have helped shape who he is, showing him how to talk to them and deal with their personalities, needs, and desires.  It has given him a passion to be around kids and guide them in numerous ways.  He looks forward to returning as a second-year Cowabunga counselor, helping campers enjoy the environment and water sports that he loves and seeing their faces light up when they stand up on a board and ride the wave.

Each Christmas, Icee and his family vacation in Utah where he is able to snowboard in the beautiful mountains of the western US. This coming year, he would like to work at a ski resort to pursue his love for snowboarding before he continues his education at IRSC.

Icee has two super lazy dogs, an American Ridgeback named Rusty and a German Shepard/Border Collie named Koda.  He likes to snack on Mike & Ikes and on a night out, heads for Gettin’ Crabby where he orders their blue crabs.  During the Quarantine, he has been busy improving his skateboard skills and learning new tricks and tactics.

Born and raised in Stuart, Florida, Luna is the youngest of five siblings, having four older brothers. She has two dogs who accompany her to the beach in the evenings to watch the beautiful sunsets. A Cowabunga camper for seven years, Luna’s goal this summer is to share with every camper her experiences in safe and super fun environment.

A rising Sophomore at Jensen Beach High School, Luna most enjoys studying early childhood education so she can learn more about how to work best with children and plans to continue that study in college. For many years, she volunteered at Jensen Beach Community Church Preschool as well as at the First Baptist Church Special Needs Camp, assisting the children, teachers, and leaders with daily activities. She looks forward to returning to Cowabunga Camp as a second-year counselor because she loves working with kids and seeing them filled with joy and excitement.

As a high school Freshman, Luna was a member of the JBHS varsity softball team as well as playing on a travel softball team. She hopes to continue the sport in college, playing for a Division 1 school. She enjoys skim boarding, paddle boarding, and surfing, a sport taught to her by her dad and practiced during her many summers at Cowabunga Camp. Although her favorite thing about the ocean is the relaxing sound of the waves, she also enjoys all of the activities it offers.

Luna grew up dining at Luna’s Pizza and now claims it as part of her heritage, with many family memories created there. Her favorite restaurant, however, is Tropical Smoothie where she enjoys the same meal at every visit: a Santa Fe quesadilla with an ice cold Bahama Mama smoothie.

Her best vacation to date was with her mom, dad, and brother exploring New York City and experiencing the Broadway musical “School of Rock” with a good friend who lives there.

Luna explains, “The best thing I learned during the “Quarantine” was to appreciate my family much more. I also realize now how much we are attached to the world and the things it offers. We are all so caught up in the media so maybe this was a good thing so we can just step back and look and see all the things that are truly important to us.”

Although most of his family hails from South Africa, Orca was born and raised on the Treasure Coast with one older sister and now attends Port St Lucie High School where he most enjoys the intricacies of Science. He will be a Senior in the Fall and is a member of the school’s baseball and golf teams. He also likes fishing, surfing, skim boarding, skateboarding, and snow boarding. Following graduation, he plans to attend a trade school to learn the plumbing trade, with the goal of owning his own plumbing business in the future.

Orca prefers to always be outdoors, often fishing in his spare time. At age 5 or 6, he began surfing and skim boarding with his family and now claims skimming as his favorite waterfront activity. His favorite thing about the ocean is all the marine life that live in it.

Having done quite a bit of babysitting within and outside of his family, Orca plans to use the skills he learned through those experiences to ensure that Cowabunga campers have a great time this summer. As a second-year counselor, he wants them to have as much fun as he had when he was younger. He is looking forward to being a really fun counselor and just knows this summer’s camp is going to be awesome!

Orca claims his best vacation was to North Carolina during the winter when he learned to snow board and had a great time in the mountains. On a night out, he heads for Longhorn Steakhouse and their classic t-bone steak and for a snack, he most enjoys a Take 5 candy bar.

Orca has one pet, a lazy, 10-year-old pit bull named Bella. Throughout the Quarantine, he has enjoyed spending time with his family and fishing with his friends.

Riptide, a Treasure Coast native and 6-year Cowabunga camper, has three older brothers. She has one dog, a Jack Russell mix named Bella, who she likes to take on long walks and dress up in cute outfits. (We want to see pictures!) A Jensen Beach High School student looking forward to her sophomore year, Riptide’s favorite subject is Math and plans to become either a radiology technician or dental hygienist in the future.

Riptide has played competitive volleyball for several years but also likes to participate in many other sports. In the ocean, she enjoys fishing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. She was taught by her dad to surf at age 5, and now, after many years of practice and enjoyment with her dad, brothers, and on her own, is extremely proficient at the sport. She loves breathing in the fresh air of the ocean and savors its calming effects.

Because of her many years at Cowabunga camp, Riptide is very familiar with its activities, procedures, and standards. She is excited to return as a third-year counselor this summer, sharing with campers her experiences, all she has learned, and her love of the ocean. Her experience with children extends elsewhere as she regularly volunteers in her church nursery, at Bible camp, and is a family babysitter.

One of Riptide’s most memorable trips was to the Bahamas where she and her family had their own little house on the ocean. They swam, fished, snorkeled, and paddle boarded in the crystal blue waters and enjoyed delicious smoothies on Cat Island. Claiming her favorite foods are cheeseburgers, chicken wings, and Mexican fare, Riptide’s favorite restaurants are Chipotle and Hurricane Wings … and gummy worms are her #1 snack!

Riptide believes that the pandemic happened for a reason, learning much from the down time, and feels very accomplished that during the quarantine she completed a 1000-piece puzzle of “very, very tiny” pieces.

Born and raised in Placetas, Cuba, Sparkles is the older of two brothers and has lived on the Treasure Coast for eleven years. Studying Chemistry at IRSC where he will be a Senior in the Fall, he is fascinated by how atoms arrange themselves to form the molecules that compose everything around us. After graduation, he plans to enter the pharmaceutical field.

To say Sparkles is “active” is an understatement! He is a regular at the gym and also plays soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, and any other sport that comes his way. His favorite thing about the ocean is how immense it is and the variety of sports and activities it offers. His favorite water activity is fishing and at the beach, he is ALL about surfing. Several years ago, he began the sport to impress a young lady — but it actually turned out to be a quite embarrassing experience! After time and much practice, however, he has honed his skills and is now one of Cowabunga’s main instructors. In quiet time at home, Sparkles enjoys playing video games with competitors around the world.

In the past, Sparkles has worked at multiple summer camps in both staff and leadership positions. He also has served as youth leader and Sunday School teacher at his church for many years. Returning for the third year as Cowabunga Camp’s Assistant Director, he plans to help deliver the best summer ever, guiding campers to have a great time learning about the beaches and the watersports it offers. His main goal, however, is to be an uplifting and positive influence and role model for the campers, staff, and everyone involved and to make every camper feel special, important, and valued.

Sparkles’ best vacation was an all-inclusive cruise to the Bahamas with his family. He exclaims, “If I tell you how many slices of pizza I ate, it would be a world record, I’m sure of it!” He says the best part of the trip was spending time with his family whom he loves so much. They explored Nassau, tried ethnic foods, and got had his hair braided which, he says, “looked ridiculous” because he only had half of it done! Apparently, there are plenty more crazy stories from the past two summers at Cowabunga, but Sparkles says the campers remember them better than he does. He looks forward to hearing them all when campers return this summer!

Sparkles’ favorite restaurant is Two Vines in Jupiter where, he claims, the atmosphere is magnificent and the sushi (his favorite food) is the best ever. During the Quarantine, he has been blessed to spend special time with his two little cousins just hanging out and watching TV and movies.

Sprout hails from Fort Lauderdale but has lived on the Treasure Coast for 10 years. She now attends the University of Central Florida where her 15-year experience playing soccer enhances the UCF team.  She is pursuing a degree in Hospitality because she loves to work with people and travel. In the future, she plans to work in hotel or tourism management, hoping that much travel will accompany her career.

Sprout has one older brother and two Tabby cats named Leo and Poppy, great playmates for her and for each other.  Her extended family lives in Germany and every other year, she has the opportunity to visit them, experiencing the sights and cultures of the country and spending special time with family.  She also had the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with her aunt who lived there for many years.

A former community outreach coordinator for the Red Cross and member of its youth group, Sprout has helped present camps for children, teaching leadership, first aid skills, and CPR.  She also has worked as a part-time nanny.

Loving the beach and the sea, Sprout paddle boards and surfs (a sport learned three years ago at Cowabunga) but her favorite activity is boogie boarding for sure!  She also enjoys boating, swimming, and just relaxing on the Treasure Coast sands. Returning as a third-year counselor, she will use her adoration for children and the ocean environment to help Cowabunga campers learn the skills of surfing and have the best experience ever!  

Sprout’s most memorable trip was when she was invited to sing at Pearl Harbor, having the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Hawaii.  However, in March, she had the thrill of traveling the steepest zip line in the world in St Maarten.

After an active day at camp, Sprout likes to recharge with a big bowl of cereal — or venture to her restaurant of choice, Chipotle, where she most enjoys the burrito bowls.  During the quarantine, she began painting and now claims it to be her favorite past time.

A former 4-year camper and returning third-year counselor, Wheeeeee! was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale but has spent many weekends and summers over the last seven years on the Treasure Coast. He attends Nova Southeastern University School where his favorite subject is film because he enjoys using cameras to give a different perspective of his subjects and make everything look epic! His goal for the future is to become a photographer and travel the world taking incredible photos and making super cool videos.

Spending much time boating, Wheeeee! loves to fish, wakeboard, wake surf, and snorkel on the Treasure Coast reefs. He learned the beachfront sports of surfing and paddle boarding at Cowabunga Camp seven years ago and has enjoyed them ever since.

The oldest of four brothers, Wheeeeee! has naturally gained experience assisting and guiding children. He enjoys encouraging others learn more about the Florida seashore and the sports it has to offer. He claims that his favorite thing about the ocean is “everything!” … and he very energetically shares that enthusiasm with campers, helping them to appreciate all of its fun and recreation possibilities. He is ready for a great time this summer!

Wheeeeee!’s best vacation was a trip with his family to South Africa and Dubai where he was able to take incredible photos as they toured the country, experienced new cultures, and saw amazing sites. He has a King Charles Cavalier named Zoe, with whom he loves to sleep and watch movies because, he says, she makes a great pillow. HIs favorite restaurant is Chick-Fil-A but claims that he loves to eat pretty much anything that is edible!

During the quarantine, Wheeeee! has been very busy building his own surfboard and we are looking forward to seeing him ride it this summer!

New 2020 Counselors

Born and raised on the Treasure Coast with two older brothers and one older sister, Anemone attends Jensen Beach High School where she will be a Junior in the Fall. She enjoys the challenge of Chemistry and doing all the different experiments it entails. After graduation, she plans to attend a Florida college and hopes to include time studying abroad. She claims she has an unusually good memory, able to remember specific details from years ago, a gift that certainly will help her in her future studies!
A travel aficionado, Anemone’s best vacation was with her family visiting many locations in Spain, including the “absolutely gorgeous” beaches of the coastline. She loves everything about the ocean and heads for the beach and open waters whenever possible, favoring the activities of boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming, tubing behind the family boat, and paddle
boarding the calm waters of the river. On land, she plays volleyball and really enjoys ping pong as well! She has one dog, a coon hound mix, whom she enjoys taking to the dog park to play with “friends”.
Having volunteered at Jensen Beach Community Church summer camps and being an active babysitter, Anemone enjoys helping and playing with children. She is looking forward to this summer at Cowabunga Camp, sharing her love for the outdoors and beach fun with campers and ensuring that every day is a great day for them.
Anemone’s favorite restaurant is Benihana where, she says, the fried rice is amazing …. and for a snack? Banana nut bread and açaí bowls! But during the quarantine, she spent time in her own kitchen, learning to cook new and interesting meals.

Bananner grew up in Clermont, Florida where she now lives but spends most of her summers in Jensen Beach at her family’s vacation home. She has a younger brother and sister, and many animals including a dog, Diamond, who loves to go for boat rides; a bird, Sunny, who goes everywhere with her perched on her shoulder; a cat, Prince, who likes to play in the sand with her; and a bunny, Coco, who runs around the yard with her. Whoa. A rising Sophomore at Montverde Academy, her favorite subject is Biology because she is able to study plants and animals and hopes, in the future, to become a veterinarian. She certainly has many animals to observe in her own home but also treasures time camping with her grandparents, bike riding and exploring wildlife with them. Once, they even encountered a deer that walked straight up to them! She even claims the highlight of the ocean is the beautiful wildlife in its own habitat.
Bananner has played soccer for years, practicing in her spare time when not boating on the Central Florida lakes. She is a member of her state-ranked #1 high school soccer team and plays year-round on a competitive team. However, she also enjoys archery, wakeboarding, skiing, paddle boarding, and surfing, a sport she began at age 9. A family trip to the Bahamas where she was able to enjoy boating and watersports in the clear, blue Island waters was one of her most memorable vacations.
A long-time Cowabunga camper, Bananner joins the team of counselors this year to share with them the fun of camp, the things she learned here, and the beachfront activity skills she has developed over the years.
Bananner is passionate about helping others and regularly volunteers at her church and school, working closely with kids with disabilities and with the elderly. She also is a much sought-after babysitter for many Clermont families. Her favorite restaurant is Anna’s Pizza because, shesays, they have the best cinnamon twists as well as all kinds of great Italian food, but her favorite is Chicken Parmesan. For a snack? Trail mix!
Bananner is grateful that she was able to spend much quality time with her family during the quarantine. She also learned how important it is to maintain a steady schedule and she learned how to drive as well!

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Bing Bong has been visiting the Treasure Coast for the past three summers. He is the middle sibling between two sisters and has a Labradoodle named Cleveland with whom he loves to play catch.
Bing Bong attends the Orme School in Arizona where he will be a Sophomore next year. His favorite subject is English because of all the very creative assignments he was given and able to complete. A member of his school’s basketball team, he looks forward to college where he plans to study sports management or medicine and play basketball on the college team, with the goal of eventually playing overseas. Other land sports he enjoys include cross country, baseball, and volleyball. In his spare time, Bing Bong works out and trains a lot but sometimes, he gets to play video games.
Bing Bong enjoys paddle boarding and surfing, two water sports learned during his many years as a Cowabunga camper. This year, he joins the team of counselors because he enjoys teaching and helping children and considers working at camp a great way to give back to the “community” his own experiences and enjoyment and to be the positive influence to this year’s campers that past counselors have been to him. Previously, he has gained experience working with youth at Vacation Bible School and as a volunteer for a kids’ after school basketball training program.
In seventh grade, Bing Bong had the great opportunity to serve as manager on an NBA players team where he met a lot of famous people! His favorite food is tacos but he most enjoys the Parmesan Garlic wings at Buffalo Wild Wings where he is a “regular” during Cross Country season and on weekends with his dad. His favorite vacation was to Marco Island with his family where they met some great friends, relaxed on the beach, and enjoyed the sun and the waves. The quarantine afforded him much time to train for the upcoming sports season — and also the excellent opportunity to understand who his “ride or die” friends are.

A seven-year Cowabunga camper and the oldest of four siblings, Donut actually lives in Virginia but travels to the Treasure Coast each summer to visit his grandparents on Hutchinson Island. He loves South Florida and plans to relocate here in the future. He has a small fish tank as well
as two dogs, Charlie and Bailey, with whom he likes to sleep and take on walks.
Soon to be a Sophomore at his high school in Virginia, Donut’s favorite subject is PE, enjoying the challenge of weight lifting and the camaraderie of sports. He has played soccer most of his life and aspires to play professionally one day. Mountain biking also tops his list of active sports but in his quiet time he enjoys streaming on XBox.
Donut began surfing years ago at Cowabunga Camp and claims the waves are the best part of the ocean because of all the fun things you can do on them, especially catching a big one on a surf board! Now, as a first year counselor, he looks forward to sharing his happy camp days with this year’s campers. He wants to bring them the exciting experiences of surfing and beachfront fun that they will remember for years to come. He has gained experience working with children at his church, helping set up and play games of basketball and Four Square with the youth.
Donut’s favorite vacation to date was with his grandparents to Niagara Falls. where they took a boat ride at the base of the falls and a speed boat down its rivers. He said it was “AMAZING!”.
Being of Italian descent, he is partial to the Olive Garden restaurant on a night out because he loves any kind of pasta … and ALL pasta! During the quarantine, he used the time learning to fix bikes.

Born and raised in Palm City, Florida, the middle sibling between two brothers, Ka-Chow is a Martin County High School student soon to be a junior, who most enjoys Math. After graduation, she plans to attend the University of Florida to major in Nursing with the goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.
Ka-Chow loves to be outside playing a variety of sports including soccer and lacrosse (her favorite) and is a member of the MCHS dive team. In her spare time, she enjoys being out on the family boat, which she learned to drive by herself during the quarantine, and particularly likes to skurf behind it — when someone else is driving! She most likes swimming in the ocean because of how free it makes her feel and often paddle boards, a sport she began at age 9.
Ka-Chow finds working with children extremely enjoyable. She has volunteered at Vacation Bible School camps, traveled on a mission trip to New Mexico, and last summer, was excited to participate in a mission trip to Ecuador. As a team member on that trip, she worked alongside children on construction projects and trained them in sports as they played team games. Her goals for this summer are to ensure that every camper is safe, having a great time at the beach, and learning to surf.
Her family’s annual trip to the Florida Keys during Lobster Mini Season is Ka-Chow’s most favored vacation. Each season, they usually collect over 150 lobsters and then relax all together for the rest of the day. She loves being in her most favored element, the salty ocean, and enjoying the time with so many family members.
Although her favorite food is tacos, Ka-Chow’s favorite restaurant is Chick-Fil-A where, she says, the food is amazing, the workers are so nice, and they have great service. She has one, 11-year-old dog named Cody who loves to take walks and eat lots of people food!

Lei-Lei was born just outside of Chicago and lived there for four years before moving to the Treasure Coast. A triplet, she has one brother and one sister who are younger that she, but only by a few minutes! Her dog, Finn, is a Pekinese/King Charles mix with whom she takes walks, snuggles, and plays fetch.
A Martin County High School rising Sophomore, Lei-Lei is on the Cross Country and Track and Field teams and her favorite subject is Band. She loves music, playing in concerts, and especially enjoys the fun of marching season, highlighted by “Tiger Regiment”, a marching show presented by the whole band that often participates in competitions. In the future, she hopes to become a music teacher.
Lei-Lei has many hobbies including skateboarding, biking, baking and cooking, and learning to play new instruments, which include the alto saxophone, piano, ukulele, clarinet, trumpet, and baritone! She also does a lot of babysitting and has volunteered at Give Kids the World in Orlando and at Top Soccer for kids with special needs because she enjoys helping people of all ages, especially children.
Lei-Lei prefers to be outdoors every day and has been rock climbing in South Dakota, hiked the Smoky Mountains, and has swum with full-sized and baby manatees in Florida’s Crystal River. She especially loves the ocean, though, and is in the water “non-stop” when she heads to the beach. She enjoys snorkeling to see all the wonderful sea life below the surface, as well as kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing, a sport learned and honed during her three years as a Cowabunga camper. She claims that she has always wanted to be a Cowabunga counselor and this summer plans to share her love for this camp with campers, making each feel special, included, and important, and helping them have the same great experience she had when she attended here.
Lei-Lei’s favorite snack is chocolate chip cookies and a culinary highlight is dining with her family at the Melting Pot where she especially enjoys the cheese fondue and always has a great time. During the quarantine, she realized how much she loves the beach and all the activities she is able to do in Florida and how much she would miss those things if permanently not able to do them. She says, “I learned to be appreciative of the things I get to do and not take them for granted.”

McFly is a native New Yorker but has lived on the Treasure Coast since he age five. He has one older brother and a cat named Jilly who acts more like a dog than a cat. She plays fetch and her favorite snack is butter! A rising senior at Treasure Coast High School where he is a member of the baseball team, McFly’s favorite subject is gym because he enjoys being active and outdoors. After graduation, he plans to attend college to study Criminal Justice.
Very athletic and a sports enthusiast, McFly likes playing basketball as well as baseball, but likes being out on the water boating and fishing as well. On the beach, where he heads with friends in his spare time, he likes to skim board, boogie board, and paddle board, sports he began six years ago and which enjoys at every opportunity.
This summer, McFly looks forward to joining the Cowabunga team, meeting all the campers and helping them have a great time at camp. In the past, you may have seen him at Rush Trampoline Park where he worked for many months as a Court Monitor. He thoroughly enjoyed
the job and left only due to the time requirements of his baseball team.
On a night out, McFly heads for Longhorn where he orders his most loved steak with a side of lobster. He claims his most memorable vacation was with his family to Key West where they fished and played on jet skis. However, another highlight was a trip to the Everglades where he got a “close-up” look at alligators and pythons! Yikes!! During the quarantine, he says it was really great to be able to spend lots of extra time with his family.

Ole Yeller has grown up on the Treasure Coast and has one older sister and two dogs, a Black Mouth Cur named Dilla who came from a friend’s Georgia farm and a crazy puppy named Sebring who loves to run on the beach and cuddle. A rising Junior at Martin County High School, her favorite subject is Math because, she says, its like one big puzzle that needs to be figured out. After she graduates, she plans to attend the University of North Florida to study Criminal Justice.
Ole Yeller participates in the unique sport of aerial silks (“think Cirque du Soleil”) and is a member of the MCHS diving team, enjoying the fun of twisting and flipping into the water. In her spare time, she enjoys watching diving on TV, as well as taking in a good college football game. She also likes to head for the open waters on the family boat with family and friends, often stopping at the sandbar to paddle board. Dilla and Sebring rejoice at her return, looking forward to some sweet cuddle time.
Ole Yeller has been surfing since she was young, taught by her dad who is an aficionado of the sport. She loves being on the beach, body surfing, and even the feeling of salt on her lips, and is excited about the opportunity to share her enthusiasm with campers this summer. She has been a regular Vacation Bible School volunteer and has had the excellent opportunity to minister to and play with children on two mission trips, one to New Mexico and one to Ecuador where she fed alpacas and llamas and experienced new cultures.
For her 13th birthday, Ole Yeller received a trip with her grandparents to Europe, visiting Rome, Paris, Umbria, and London. She claims it was the best trip ever! In the near future, she hopes to travel all around Europe! Here at home, she likes to travel to Anna’s Pizza for the student special of a giant slice, cinnamon knot, and soda because, she says, its not too expensive and it tastes AMAZING! During the quarantine, Ole Yeller learned just how social she prefers to be. Sounds like Cowabunga Camp will be a great place for her this summer!

A rising Sophomore at Indian River State College, Pumpkin was born and raised on the Treasure Coast, with an 8-year hiatus in Virginia.  He has only one older sister but hails from a large extended family with lots and lots — and lots — of younger cousins with whom he very much enjoys spending time.  He considers himself easy going, compassionate, and patient, and loves being with kids — all great attributes for a Cowabunga counselor!
Pumpkin’s favorite subject in college is math and following graduation, he plans on a career as a fitness trainer.  In his spare time, he likes to head to the gym to work out and is always up for a challenging game of football.  The beach and ocean waters, however, is a favorite destination and he looks forward to helping campers enjoy all the benefits and activities they offer.
Pumpkin’s most memorable vacations were traveling with his family to Colorado and to Paris.  His snack of choice is either a KitKat or a PUMPKIN muffin and his favorite restaurant is Chick-Fil-A.  He claims one of the benefits of the quarantine was that he was able to make new friends.

Razzle Dazzle has been a Florida girl all her life. Although she was born in Boca Raton, she grew up in Jensen Beach with three siblings. She has wonderful memories of her childhood here — ones that continue to be made — and claims she would never want to live anywhere else. She has two dogs: Shadow, a black Lab mix and Bandy, a black mouth Cur with whom she loves to walk, spend time, and eat ice cream … but only a little!
A rising Junior at Jensen Beach High School, Razzle Dazzle’s favorite subject is Science and particularly Biology because she enjoys learning about life and living organisms. She is working toward her CNA license and plans to continue a career in the medical field as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. She always has been interested in helping and caring for people and is excited about the future!
A long-time volleyball player, Razzle Dazzle has been a member of both school and recreational teams and has been involved in gymnastics and cheerleading as well, relishing the team spirit that all promote. In the Fall, she will join the JBHS varsity cheerleading team, considering it a fun way to explore different options. She also is a member of the National Honor Society, the Class Club 2022, and HOSA, and enjoys photography as a hobby. In her spare time, she likes strolling the streets of Downtown Stuart, spending precious time with family and friends, and going to the beach where she finds the ocean incredibly calm and relaxing.
This summer, Razzle Dazzle looks forward to joining the Cowabunga team to make a positive impact on campers, helping them have a great time, develop friendships, and create super fun memories. She treasures time with children and the opportunity to make connections with them so they know they can count on her.
Razzle Dazzle has many favorite foods but açaí bowls are at the top of her list. However, she claims nothing can top her love for Chick Fil A where the service is amazing and the 8-piece nugget meal with fries and Chick Fil A sauce are the BEST. On a night out, she heads for Benihana where she doesn’t even know how they can make Chicken Fried Rice so good! Her best vacation was with her family to the bright white beaches of St. Petersburg where they spent much relaxing time together and ate lots of ice cream. She can’t wait to go back!
During the quarantine, Razzle Dazzle developed a love for cooking and baking and made a commitment to a regular work out routine. She believes the pandemic happened for a larger purpose and realized that life has much to offer when you are able to step back and take a good look.

Simba hails from Ohio and has lived in Alabama but has resided on the Treasure Coast for the past ten years. She is the youngest of three and has one dog, a Boxer, who accompanies her to the beach where he digs holes and loves the freedom of running on the sand.
A soon-to-be Junior at Jensen Beach High School, she most enjoys Science and specifically Biology because she likes learning about the human body and the world around us. In the future, she would like to attend the University of Florida and become a physical therapist.
Simba runs varsity cross country and plays varsity softball for JBHS and enjoys the camaraderie of being on a team and working with other people. However, she also loves the beachfront activities of skim boarding and surfing, a sport she began at Cowabunga Camp when she was 7. She enjoys snorkeling as well, exploring the beautiful and wondrous sea life beneath the waves.
Simba is passionate about working with children and looks forward to being a part of the Cowabunga team this summer, helping campers have a great day everyday and having a positive impact on their lives. In the past, she has volunteered at Vacation Bible Schools and is an enthusiastic babysitter. This summer, she hopes all the campers have fun learning more about beachfront sports and that she is able to help them have the most awesome summer camp experience ever!
Her favorite trip has been to New Hampshire where she learned to snow ski and had the best time ever. On a night out, she enjoys the District Table restaurant where, she says, everything on their menu is so good that she can’t even choose a favorite! Sushi, however, is her meal of choice and she loves snacking on Goldfish. In her spare time, Simba likes to go to the movies and on adventures with her friends and family. During the quarantine, she learned not to take anything for granted because “everything can always get worse”!

Moving to the Treasure Coast six years ago from his hometown of West Palm Beach, Twinkles has two older brothers and is a recent Port St Lucie High School graduate. His favorite subject was Science because he is fascinated with the environment and with learning how living organisms work. In the future, he plans to attend trade school for electrical work or perhaps will join the U.S. military.
For many years, Twinkles participated in baseball and football, playing on the PSL high school teams as well as a travel team. He also joined dance classes so that he could take part in theatrical shows presented by the school’s drama department, honing his skills in jazz, contemporary, and hip hop.
Through his theater and dance classes, Twinkles has the welcomed opportunity to work with kids, teaching them the ins-and-outs of the disciplines, as well as techniques to help them achieve success. This summer, his goals are to make sure that campers have so much fun and such a great experience that they want to come back to camp year after year.
Twinkles enjoys swimming in the ocean and the freedom he feels in its waves. He claims beach volleyball as his #1 beachfront activity by far. His most favored vacation was with his closest friend when they cruised to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and went zip lining over the country’s rivers. However, once while camping in central Florida with family, he was “thrilled” when a wild bear walked right past their camp site. Yikes!
Every year since he was young, Twinkles has celebrated his birthday at Friendly’s, ordering the chicken fingers which he claims are the very best around. And while enjoying movies with his dog, Marley, he likes to snack on orange juice and chocolate chip cookies!

Born in Boynton Beach but soon after moving to the Treasure Coast, Dunkin has two older siblings with whom she is very close although they are all four years apart.  A recent Jensen Beach High School grad, she will continue on to Florida Gulf Coast University in the Fall to study Psychology, an interest developed while dual-enrolling at IRSC this past year.

Dunkin enjoys all types of “land” sports but particularly likes volleyball and claims tennis as her favorite.  She played on the JBHS tennis team for four years and was excited to attend the state championship matches in Altamonte Springs this past year, cheering for the boys’ team as well as for her two top teammates who won the state doubles.

In the water, Dunkin most likes wake boarding and surfing, a sport taught to her by her uncle at age 10.  He is an excellent surfer and to this day, she loves to ride the waves with him. Her favorite thing about the ocean is its wide variety of beautiful wildlife and all of the activities it offers but also likes the camaraderie of surfing and the opportunity to meet new people out in the water.

Dunkin has volunteered at many Vacation Bible School camps in a variety of area churches, loving the opportunity of serving and getting to know all the children attending.   This summer, she most looks forward to helping Cowabunga campers learn the skills and fun of surfing and watching them become excited about the sport.

Dunkin’s most memorable vacation was to Colorado with her own family as they visited her extended family.  It was Dunkin’s first time in heavy snow, and her first time skiing.  She was thrilled by the challenge of the sport and awed by the beauty of the snowy mountains but the opportunity to visit family made it extra special.

Although tacos are her favorite, Dunkin’s go-to restaurant is U-Tiki where she enjoys the outdoor atmosphere and great sushi.  During the quarantine, she perfected the art of creating homemade mac ’n cheese. She has one dog, Roxy, who always likes to join her for a relaxing car ride.