Registration & Extended Camp Hours

Accounts are required for all camp registrations. They also are recommended for all website users so that their experience is more streamlined and complete. 

Camp fees include:  All registration costs, all water sports equipment,  lunch with a drink Monday thru Thursday, and a pizza party and surf competition on Friday.  Also included is a Cowabunga Camp UPF-rated sun shirt, which must be worn each day of camp, and a Cowabunga Camp drawstring bag, in which campers may keep their personal items if desired.
Our age range is from 5 to 15, but we will take 4-year-olds, if they are comfortable in the water and able to swim well.  A personal call must be made to our office at 772-334-7873 to allow any registration for campers younger than age 5 since our online registration process is not configured for 4-year-olds.

In the morning, campers stay in small groups according to age and rotate between camp activities (surfing, body boarding, skim boarding, paddle boarding, beach games, etc).    In the afternoon, after lunch, campers who stay until 3:00 return to the beach for less structured free time — always, always, with a counselor — to enjoy the activity of their choice, whether practicing watersports skills, body boarding, building sandcastles, looking for shells, or the like.

Regardless of the time frame, a camp shirt and bag, daily lunch with a drink, and Friday’s surf competition and pizza party are included.

Because we are very careful to maintain an excellent Counselor to Camper ratio and, in that regard,  secure our staff well in advance of each week, our Cancellation Policy is as follows:

Up to one week prior to your camp start date – 100% refund.
Monday through Friday before your camp start date – 50% refund.
Saturday & Sunday before your camp start date – Non-refundable.

The deadline for camp registration changes with no financial penalty is one week prior to your original camp date.  After that time, we will do our best to switch your camper to another week, but cannot guarantee availability.  We also must charge a percentage of the registration fee (as outlined in the cancellation policy) so that our staff is maintained as necessary for the best camp experience.

We offer a 10% Sibling Discount for campers of the same family registered for the same week within the same account.  It is important to note that one camper must pay the regular camp price for the sibling discount to apply.

No special code is necessary for this discount.  It is automatically generated when the required parameters are met.  However, if same-family campers are registered for the same week but at a date later than the original registration, the Camp office must be contacted at 772-334-7873 to arrange for the discount PRIOR to the secondary registration.

Yes we do!  A camper’s first 3 weeks are regular price, the 4th and 5th weeks are 10% off, and the 6th and 7th weeks are 15% off.  We give a 20% discount for campers attending 8 or more weeks..

Due to the popularity of our camp and the standards by which it is run, we are unable to make substitutions or offer refunds for full or partial days missed during a camp week.

Safety & Security

It is extremely important that campers have quality protection under the strong Florida summer sun.  A surf-specific, waterproof sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 30 is a MUST!  At Cowabunga Camp, we have sunscreens available for purchase that we have tested and stand behind.  However, any sunscreen proven to be effective and water resistant to 80 minutes is acceptable.

Please be sure campers arrive each morning with sunscreen already applied.  Throughout the camp day, campers will be reminded by counselors to reapply.  Younger campers will be assisted in the process.  However, Cowabunga Surf Camp cannot be responsible if campers don’t heed our recommendations or if inferior sunscreens are used.

In recent years, much publicity has been given to Martin County’s water quality.  If there is ever a publicly-addressed question or concern about water standards, Cowabunga Surf Camp daily examines the government testing results of our Jensen Beach waters at the Martin County Environmental Site, accessed by CLICKING HERE.

Campers’ safety in all regards is our foremost priority at Cowabunga Surf Camp and we take all safeguards possible, but within reason, with that goal in mind. 

Campers never enter the water without a supervising counselor and other, supporting counselors in the immediate vicinity.  When surfing, the camper:counselor ratio is at least 3:1 and with younger children, even lower.  Furthermore, campers are not taken into waters over their head, as the counselors must be able to stand to assist with water sports.

If you have a serious concern about your child’s swimming skills, please be sure to contact the Camp Manager or Camp Administrator by email so that we may make arrangements for additional supervision.

Our camp beachfront location is carefully chosen to be the safest option for campers of all ages. Dependent upon water depth, currents, and underfoot conditions, camp may be held from the mid-point of Jensen public beach to the north end.  Although we may not be immediately in front of the lifeguard stand, the lifeguards keep a close eye on our campers, facilitated by the bright sunshirts that they are required to wear.

If it rains while we are on the beach and there is clearly no threat of lightning, we will continue our beachfront activities.

However, in the case of any threatening weather, we are alerted by the nearby lifeguards and all campers and supervising counselors leave the beach immediately in an organized manner, returning to our indoor Bunga-Lo until the threat is well past. 

Counselors are trained to report any injury, regardless of their own perception of its severity, to the Camp Manager or Camp Administrator.  If the injury requires any type of First Aid, it is administered by the Camp Manager or Camp Administrator and the Emergency Contact(s) listed on the camper’s registration form is called immediately.

If the injury requires care beyond standard First Aid, the lifeguards or medical professionals are immediately contacted, as are the Emergency Contact(s) listed on the camper’s registration form.

If a camper needs to take any medication during the camp day, it must be brought in its original packaging, clearly marked with the camper’s full name.  If it is a prescription, it must be in the prescription bottle that displays the camper’s name, the medication, and the dispensing instructions.  

We require that all medications brought to camp, both prescription and over-the-counter, be kept by the Camp Administrator in the Camp Office so that it is safe and easily accessible by the administrative staff.

IMPORTANT: NO MEDICATIONS, whether prescription or over-the-counter, may be kept in a camper’s backpack, regardless of the camper’s age or competence to take it.

Extended Camp Hours

A camp registration week may be extended from a half day to a full day for a $30 additional fee.  For staffing purposes, this must be accomplished prior to the start of the camper’s week.

Once your camp week begins, we are happy to extend a camper’s day from half to full day on a daily basis for a charge of $12 per day.

Extended care is offered from 7:30 to 8:30 am and from 3:15 to 5:15 pm.  The cost is $10 per hour (or any part thereof) per child.  Extended care may be purchased online through your account but please note that 24-hour notice is required to assure proper supervision.

Morning and afternoon extended care is located at our indoor Bunga-Lo where campers will participate with a counselor in quiet activities such as watching G-rated movies, doing simple crafts, etc.

Half-day campers not picked up by 1:15 will accompany full day campers back to the beach and will be charged the Enhanced Day rate of $12.00 for a full or partial afternoon session.

Full-day campers not picked up by 3:15 will be charged the Extended Day rate of $10 per camper per hour or any part thereof.

Lunch & Refreshments

We do our best to offer many lunch choices but if there are none desired or if a camper has specific dietary restrictions, he or she is welcome to bring his or her own lunch.  Please understand that we have no on-site refrigeration facilities and that no refunds will be given for campers choosing not to use our camp lunch program.  We do not offer any gluten-free options at this time. 

Between each activity rotation, which last approximately 45 minutes, campers are required to take a short water break.  They are directed to the Cowabunga Surf Camp beachfront tent under which coolers of clean, freash water are located and from which campers may fill their water bottles, also kept at that location. 

One drink will be provided each day, ordered daily or weekly online along with llunch.  Choices are Coke, Sprite, or bottled water.  Additional drinks may be purchased for $1.00 each. 

Please be sure your camper eats a nutritious breakfast before arriving at camp as no food or snacks will be provided until lunchtime.  If you feel as if he or she will need a snack between drop-off and lunch, you may send an item that does not need refrigeration and one that is not affected by the heat.  Your camper may bring it to the beach and keep it under the tent with their shoes and water bottle.  Please note, however, that Cowabunga Surf Camp or any of its employess will not be responsible for its loss, damage by sun, sand, or water, or if it should be confused by another camper as their own. 

General Questions

Campers only need to bring the following each day when they attend camp: A towel, inexpensive flip flops, very good water-resistant sunscreen (at least 30 SPF), and a refillable water bottle.  We will have plenty of fresh drinking water on the beach for refills.  Campers should wear their bathing suits but may bring a set of dry clothes to change into if desired.  Most campers don’t change unless they are staying for aftercare.

If campers choose to bring a personal cell phone to camp (which is not highly recommended), it should be marked with the camper’s name and placed in its own waterproof bag or container.  Personal hooks on which to hang backpacks/camp bags are provided for each camper but sometimes bags do end up on the floor, which often is wet.  Additionally, we do our very best to keep campers personal belongings separated and safe, but it has happened that bags are confused by campers.  Please understand that Cowabunga Surf Camp will not be responsible for any loss or damage to a camper’s personal items of any kind.
Cell phones must always remain in the camp room, never taken to the beach.
** Campers and campers parents always will have access to the shop phone, 772-334-7874 (SURF). **

For safety purposes, it is mandatory  that camp shirts are worn by every camper each day.  Campers (and counselors as well) may not be on the beach during camp hours without one.  If a camper arrives at camp without a camp shirt, another must be purchased for a cost of $25.00.

We supply all the necessary equipment for a full, fun day at camp but you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you would like.  However, as groups rotate throughout the morning, equipment will be left on the beach, unattended, while another activity is being enjoyed. Cowabunga Surf Camp cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to personal equipment.

Although not highly recommended, a cell phone may be brought to camp with the understanding that it may be used only during lunch and never taken out to the beach.  Emergency calls always may be made from or directed to the Cowabunga Surf Camp, 772-334-7873, which is fully attended throughout the day.

As we offer a full day with lots of activity, any other electronic devices are not necessary and should not be brought to camp.

If campers choose to bring a personal cell phone to camp, it should be marked with the camper’s name and placed in its own waterproof bag or container.  Personal hooks on which to hang backpacks/camp bags are provided for each camper but sometimes bags do end up on the floor, which often is wet.  Additionally, we do our very best to keep campers personal belongings separated and safe, but it has happened that bags are confused by campers. 

The Cowabunga Bunga-Lo, our indoor camp room, will be locked while campers are at the beach, so personal belongings will be secure.  However, Cowabunga Surf Camp will not be responsible for any damage or loss of cell phones or any other personal belongings.

Absolutely!  You are always welcome to observe the fun!  However, for safety’s sake, we request that when you are on the beach, you always wear a camp wrist band, available in the Camp office..  Our staff will then know that you are a camper’s family member, rather than an onlooker or passerby, if you or your camper should approach one another.

Additionally, please be sure to bring a chair and umbrella if you plan to stay for an extended time.  Its hot at the beach in the summer and, for security and to facilitate camp procedures, our camp tents and surrounding area must be reserved for campers and their activities.

We do our best to reconnect items left behind after a camp week, calling parents or guardians when the camper’s name is in or on the item.  If no name can be found, we keep items for 2 weeks before donating them to a worthy beneficiary.


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